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Community Health Nursing

The Department caters to the learning needs of the students of B.Sc. (N) II year, III year & IV year, B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) II year, M.Sc.(N) I year and II year Community Health Nursing specialty. Further, Maternal and Child Health Nursing and Community Mental Health Nursing experience is provided OBG, and Psychiatric nursing postgraduate students. As per UGC regulations, environmental science subject (theory & practical) is taught by the department faculty for B.Sc. Nursing basic II year students. The distribution of community health theory and clinical hours for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students is as follows: 

Sl.No Programme Subject Theory Practical
1 B.Sc.(N)- II Year Community Health Nursing- I 90 135
2 B.Sc.(N)- IV Year Community Health Nursing- II 90 330
3 B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) - II Year Community Health Nursing 60 240
4 B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) - III Year Community Mental Health
5 M.Sc. (N) I year Community Health Nursing Specialty Community Health Nursing 150 650
6 M.Sc. (N) II year Community Health Nursing Specialty Community Health Nursing 150 900
7 M.Sc. (N) I& II yearr-OBG Specialty BG Specialty Community Maternity nursin
8 M.Sc. (N) I yearr Pediatric Nursing Specialty Community Pediatrics
9 M.Sc. (N) II year Psychiatric Nursing Specialty Community Mental Health
120 + 120
10 M.Sc. (N) I year Advanced Nursing Practice

540 2,995

Laboratory Activities

The students are provided with fully equipped laboratory and have facilities to perform various activities to enable the students to meet their curricular requirements during their community clinical experience. They are provided with

A bag -to perform physical examination, urinalysis and check the vital signs of the individual in the various age groups.

Nutritional measuring cups-24 hours dietary recall for all target groups.

AV Aids – charts, posters puppets, flannel graph, hygiene kit, trained dhai kit, and family welfare kit.
Records and reports – area map, family folders, and assessment forms of various age group.

Family folders are stored in the computer and updated periodically by the students to facilitate long term follow up.

Teachers /Faculty Training :
Faculty members are periodically trained by university faculty development programme and research workshop. 

Innovative Teaching
Self Learning Desk: The skills lab of the department focuses on improving skill development among students. The required equipments for the procedure are provided in the learning desk for a student to practice and enhance his / her skill and knowledge component.
Competency-Based Learning (CBL) : 
The CBL is implemented to ensure whether the students meet achievement and mastery benchmarks It focuses on student mastery of performance and learning outcomes through a set of pre-defined learning objectives. Students are encouraged to demonstrate mastery of the identified competencies in the clinical area at their own pace. This method is tailored to meet the needs of students with different learning abilities and leads to efficient student outcomes. 

Top scorer of the subject is awarded Sivagamasundari Lakshmanan Gold Medal for aggregate of the mark in the Community Health Nursing II subject both theory and practical in IV year B.Sc. Nursing.