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Oral Medicine And Radiology

Research focus
Thrust area :
Research activities have been geared with respect to salivary diagnostics, oral precancer, cancer, antioxidants, maxillofacial radiology.

Microbial status of dental unit water before and after disinfection – Chancellors Summer Research Fellowship Grant – 2014.
Evaluation Of Radiation Dose To Other Organs In Dental Radiography– Chancellors Summer Research Fellowship Grant – 2014.
Masseter muscle thickness in unilateral partial edentulism – An ultrasonographic study – Departmental - 2014.
Comparative study of radiation induced cytogenetic alterations in digital and film based intra oral radiography– Chancellors Summer Research Fellowship Grant – 2015.
Evaluation of radiation safety of the operator in diagnostic dental radiography- Dr.S.Sathasivasbramanian  and Dr.C.V.Divyambika

Correlation of salivary leptin levels and tobacco use status  - GATE grant 2015
Competency in Dental education –Dr.K.Anbarasi – Departmental
Antifibrotic agents in oral submucous fibrosis – an invitro study –Dr.C.V.Divyambika Departmental
Epithelial – mesenchymal transformation markers in oral sub mucous fibrosis. Dr.C.V.Divyambika- GATE grant 2016.
Evaluation of COX 2 overexpression - Dr.C.V.Divyambika and Dr.S.Sathasivasbramanian -2017 .
Evaluation of genetic changes in radiation therapy of oral cancers- Dr.C.V.Divyambika and Dr.S.Sathasivasbramanian 2018.
Evaluation of Salivary pH pre, during and post radiation therapy- Dr.C.V.Divyambika Dr.Vidhya Rathnavelu -2018.
Evaluation of salivary epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in oral sub mucous fibrosis and oral cancer – Baseline study- Dr.C.V.Divyambika and Dr.S.Sathasivasbramanian-2019.

Collaborating institutions:
Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar

MDS – 2 candidates/year
Faculty undergoing PhD - 1
Faculty completed PhD -1

Workshops conducted:
Workshop on Diagnostic ultrasonography for head and neck lesions – 2.2.2013
Workshop on age assessment in Dentistry – 7.5.2014
National Faculty Development Workshop – 21.9.16, 22.9.16