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Orthodontics And Dentofacial Orthopedics

Research focus
Thrust area
The department has both clinical and academic thrust areas.  Currently the department is focused on areas such as Lingual Orthodontics, Temporary anchorage devices, Self Ligating Brackets and Cleft Lip and Palate rehabilitation. Research in the field of genetics is also one of the thrust areas.

Ongoing projects:
  • Dr. Bhadrinath  received the GATE project for the year 2016  on ‘Evaluation and comparison of changes in elasticity of masticatory muscles during treatment with two functional appliances (Twin block and Herbst appliance) using elastosonography.    
  • Dr. Annapurna received the GATE project for the year 2020 on ‘A novel method to determine the weightage of 21 cephalometric parameters in assessment of Anteroposterior skeletal Class II dysplasia’
  • Dr. Bhadrinath -Comparative assessment of the changes in the maxillary sinus following orthodontic treatment with altered vertical control

Summer Research Projects:
1. Mr. Viraj Babu Ganesan    2016    Effect of maxillary mesial molar migration on mandibular autorotation – A retrospective study    Dr. Venkateswaran A. Dr.Sridevi Padmanabhan.
2. Ms. Rangeela Raj    2017    Comparison of stress distribution in periodontal ligament with conventional metal and self ligating metal bracket system - A Finite Element Analysis study    Dr. Venkateswaran A, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan.
3. Ms. Sujitha    2017    Association among Sella Turcica bridging, Atlas foramen (Ponticulus Posticus) development, Atlas posterior arch deficiency in different skeletal patterns : A lateral cephalometric study    Dr. P.S. Haritha, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan.
4. Ms. Kosla Gunasekaran    2017    Assessment of maturation status of intermaxillary suture using  radiovisiography (RVG) Dr. S.Bhadrinath, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan. Nivedha.M (final year BDS) 2019 Evaluation of vertical changes following retention appliance. Haritha, Vignesh Kailasam & Sridevi Padmanabhan.
5. Miss. Theerthini (III BDS) -Study on facial indices of repaired cleft lip and palate patients’ guided   by Dr. Pamila Rachel
6. Miss. Meenakshi (IV BDS) - Assessment of facial golden proportions in south Indian population’ guided by Dr. Pamila Rachel
7. Miss. Swetha (III BDS) – Incidence of mandibular third molar impaction among different growth pattern in patients with Class I skeletal base guided by Dr. Haritha
8. Miss. Aparajitha Dolkhey (III BDS) – Evaluation of Inter- arch relationship in Unilateral cleft lip and palate patients using Boltons analysis by guided by Dr. Annapurna
9. Miss. Daphnie Anishya (IV BDS) - Assessment of skeletal maturity by teeth calcifications stages 9in cleft lip and palate patients guided by Dr. Venkateswaran
10. Miss. Swerna R (IV BDS) - Comparative evaluation of soft tissue profile changes with twin block appliance and bilateral sagittal split osteotomy in skeletal class II malocclusion patients: a perception study guided by Dr. Annapurna
11. Miss.Aamina Hyder  and Miss.Tanya Jain (III BDS)  - Orthoconnect – an app where digitalization meets Orthodontics guided by Dr. Nandita

Collaborating institutions
MDS research work
MDS- First Year-4 students
          Second Year-4 students
          Third Year- 4 students