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Orthodontics And Dentofacial Orthopedics

Research focus
Research is one of the major strengths of the department. Apart from a mandatory post graduate dissertation, the department is focused on research involving thrust areas like 3D imaging, cleft lip and palate, self ligation, TADs, toxicity of orthodontic materials, white spot lesions and genetic basis of various craniofacial and skeletal malocclusions

• Prediction of lip response to incisor movement in adolescents and adults with operated CLP (Departmental)

• Effect of oil pulling with sesame oil on count of Streptococcus mutans in the plaque around orthodontic brackets (GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU for the year 2013-2014)

• Study of treatment effectiveness of reverse pull head gear Vs maxillary protraction spring on cleft lip and palate patients (GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU for the year 2013-2014)

• Evaluation of histologic changes in the dentin and pulp in active and passive self ligating systems as compared to conventional fixed appliance (GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU for the year 2012-2013)

• Prevalence of Body Dysmorphic disorder among patients seeking orthodontic treatment (Departmental)

• Assessment of leptin concentration in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movement and its correlation to rate of tooth movement (GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU for the year 2011-2012)

• Comparative evaluation between the colour changes in the enamel of orthodontic patients treated with ceramic and stainless steel brackets (GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU for the year 2015-2016)

• Effect of mesial maxillary molar migration on mandibular autorotation - a retrospective study (Mr. Viraj Sabu Ganesan (CRI)) under Chancellor’s Summer Research Grant (2015-2016)

Evaluation and comparison of changes in elasticity of masticatory muscles during treatment with two functional appliances (Twin block and Herbst appliance) using elastosonography    BHADRINATH S DR    GATE- Young Faculty Research Grant, SRU    2016-2017.

Summer Research Projects:

Mr. Viraj Babu Ganesan    2016    Effect of maxillary mesial molar migration on mandibular autorotation – A retrospective study    Dr. Venkateswaran A. Dr.Sridevi Padmanabhan

Ms. Rangeela Raj    2017    Comparison of stress distribution in periodontal ligament with conventional metal and self ligating metal bracket system - A Finite Element Analysis study    Dr. Venkateswaran A, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan.

Ms. Sujitha    2017    Association among Sella Turcica bridging, Atlas foramen (Ponticulus Posticus) development, Atlas posterior arch deficiency in different skeletal patterns : A lateral cephalometric study    Dr. P.S. Haritha, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan.

Ms. Kosla Gunasekaran    2017    Assessment of maturation status of intermaxillary suture using radiovisiography (RVG) Dr. S.Bhadrinath, Dr. Sridevi Padmanabhan.

Nivedha.M (final year BDS), Haritha, Vignesh Kailasam & Sridevi Padmanabhan. Evaluation of vertical changes following retention appliance.

Student Awards:

1. Dr.Keerthi Venkatesan was selected for the best research poster titled 'Titanium dioxide coated nickel titanium archwire roughness, Streptococcus mutans adhesion and demineralisation at 23rd IOS PG Convention held at Noida from 21-24th February 2019.

2. Dr. Bharathi E. (III yr. PG)-Student- Second Best Poster -Sathyabama Dental  College-Chennai -7/20/2018

3. Dr. Prathima-Student-Third Best Poster-Sathyabama Dental  College-Chennai-7/20/2018

4. I MDS Students-Student-Third Prize-Quiz conducted in a CDE program by Adiparasakthi Dental College, Melmaruvathur-Melmaruvathur-8/13/2018

5. Dr. Bargavi (I MDS)-Student-Best Edgewise Wire Bending -National Integrated Typodont Workshop by the Indian Orthodontic Society at KLR ‘s Lenora Institute of Dental Sciences -Rajamahendravaram-10/12/2018 to 10/14/2018

6. Dr. Akshaya (Former PG) --Cleared the M Orth (Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh) examinations at Colombo---Dec. 2018

7. Ms. Aishwarya, Ms. Mirunalini (BDS) Second best poster presentation at Molaris ’16 IDA Thiruvallur Branch and Saveetha Dental College, Chennai

8.Mr. Kapil and Mr Viraj Sabu Ganesan (BDS) Best poster presentation at MIDAS 2016 Chennai branch of Indian Dental Association

9. Dr. Dhurga (II yr. PG) Second best paper in PG seminar Dept. of Orthodontics, Sri Adiparasakthi Dental College, Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu

10. Dr. Anjana (III yr. PG) and Dr. Dhanyasri (II yr. PG) First prize in quiz competition as part of CDE titled 'Changing trends in surgical orthodontics' SRM Dental College, Ramapuram, Chennai

11. Dr. Deepthi Chakrapani Second best paper - Research Category Indian orthodontic Society

12. Dr. Kirubaharan S. Third best poster - General Category Indian orthodontic Society

13. Dr. Roshen Best poster 4th Lingual Orthodontic Conefrence

14. Dr. Arthy. B II Best Paper Final countdown 2014 PG Convention, Indian Orthodontic Society

15. Dr. Deepthi. C III Best Paper Final countdown 2014 PG Convention, Indian Orthodontic Society

16. Dr. Richards Jothimony II Best Poster Final countdown 2014 PG Convention, Indian Orthodontic Society

17. Dr Roshen Daniel Baby II Best Table Clinic Final countdown 2014 PG Convention, Indian Orthodontic Society