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Sentence of the Day

Medical Surgical Nursing

Research focus
The Department is actively participating in the clinical and non-clinical research in the following levels:

Inter departmental

Thrust Areas:
Preventive care
Complimentary therapies
Women’s Health
Quality of Life
Palliative care 

Collaborating Institutions:
A project on Cross National Understanding of terminal sufferings of palliative patients (CUTS) along with University of Bedfordshire, UK - four phases

Awards and Recognition's of faculty:

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Name of the Award/Recognition Awarding Agency Place Date /Year
1 Dr. E. Sujitha INDEN- STTI post doctoral fellowship award for 2016 INDEN- STTI Baltimore 16th of Sep 2016
2 Dr. E. Sujitha Bursary Award- an amount of £1,500 to attend the Palliative Care Congress to present a paper on “Cross- Cultural validation of SPARC tool to measure the Terminal Sufferings of Indian patients” , Glasgow Palliative Care Congress Glasgow 9th-11th March 2016
3 Dr. B. Sreelekha Travel grant to present research paper titled, ‘Effectiveness of osteoporosis prevention program on dietary calcium intake and bone mineral density’ in the Worldwide Nursing Conference, Singapore ICMR New Delhi 23rd & 24th June 2013

1 Dr. B. Sreelekha :       Medical Surgical Nursing Society of India, 
Nursing Ph D Society, 
Sigma Theta Tau International, 
Nursing Research Society of India 
2. Dr. R. Revathi :         Medical Surgical Nursing Society of India 
3.Dr. E. Sujitha:            Medical Surgical Nursing Society of India
4. Dr. A. Porkodi:        Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing from January 4, 2003
                                   Trained Nurses Association of India 
                                   Medical surgical Nursing Society of India
                                   Nursing PhD Society 
                                   Alumni Association

5. Ms. N. Purnima:     Trained Nurses Association of India 
                                  Alumni Association

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Name of the Fellowship Awarding Agency Place Date /Year
1 Dr. E. Sujitha STTI postdoctoral fellowship award for 2016 INDEN- STTI Baltimore 16th of Sep 2016
2 Dr. E. Sujitha Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) fellowship-2016 FAIMER Philadelphia 1st April of 2016


Completed Research Projects: 

Sl.No Title of the project Interdepartmental/ National/ International Name of the project leader Collaborating institution and name of funding agency year Period
1 A study to determine the attitude and compliance towards DOTS at a selected DOTS centre at Chennai M.Sc (N) Medical surgical nursing-project Ms. Gomathi Departmental 2016-17
2 Effectiveness of pranayama on bio-physiological parameters among patients with Bronchial asthma M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. Sharmila P. Departmental 2016-17
3 Assessment of patient’s satisfaction of nursing care in medical wards at a selected hospital in Chennai Minor
90,000 SRIHER GATE, Funded 2016-17
4 Effectiveness of comprehensive body mechanics on low back pain among staff nurses working in ICU M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. S. Sai Sruthi Departmental 2016-17
5 Assessment of quality of life among patients with low back pain M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. E. Dhivya Departmental 2016-17
6 Assessment of family satisfaction with care among family members of patients in a Neurosurgery ICU M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. Batti V. Kumar Departmental 2016-17
7 Effectiveness of oropharayngeal training program on biophysiological parameters and sleep hygiene practices among patients subjected to obstructive sleep apnea Minor Mrs. Akila.P Departmental 2015 onwards
8 Cross-cultural understanding of terminal suffering Major Dr. B. Sreelekha, Dr. S.J. Nalini, Dr. S. Aruna, Dr. E. Sujitha, Mrs. Lizy Joseph (Phase-II) University of Bedfordshire, UK 2015-16
9 Assessment of risk factors of urolithiasis among patients attending Urology and Nephrology OPD M.Sc (N) Medical surgical nursing-project Ms. Batti V. Kumar, Ms. E. Dhivya, Ms. S. Sai Sruthi, Ms. Shanmuga Priya K., Ms. Sharmila P, Dr. B. Sreelekha, (Guide) Departmental 2015-16
10 A study to assess the side effect anti-epileptic drugs among patient with epilepsy M.Sc (N) Dissertation Mr. C. Hariprasad, Dr. B. Sreelekha, (Guide) Departmental 2015-16
11 A proactive integrated approach on KASE and QOL among patients with bronchial asthma at Chest OPD, SRH Minor
90,000 SRIHER GATE, Funded 2012-16
12 Hypoglycemia in type II Diabetes mellitus patients: Knowledge, prevalence and practices Hospital based study Interdepartmental Dept.of Community Medicine, Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing Dept. of OBG Nursing and Dept. of Endocrinology PI: Dr. Vanishree Shriraam Co-investigator: Dr. Shriraam Mahadevan Dr. Vidhya Dr. S.J. Nalini Dr. B. Sreelekha Dr. Krishna Seshadri Departmental 2013-15
13 Effectiveness of cognitive edification about organ transplantation among adolescents in selected schools M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. Lowy Williams Dr. R. Revathi ( Guide) Departmental 2014-15
14 A study to assess the level of satisfaction among the patients in endoscopy department at selected hospital, Chennai M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms.Kavitha M.S., Ms. K. Kowsalya & Ms.Thota Malathi Mrs.P.Akila ( Guide) Departmental 2014-15
15 Effect of vestibular rehabilitation on dizziness handicap among vertigo patients attending ENT OPD , SRH M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms.Thota Malathi Mrs.P.Akila (Co Guide) Departmental 2014-15
16 DEffect of behavioural intervention on anxiety and tolerance among patients undergoing gastroscopy M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. K. Kowsalya Mrs.P.Akila (Guide) Departmental 2014-15
17 Effect of Swedish massage on hypertension at SRH M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms.Kavitha M.S. Dr. B. Sreelekha–(Guide) Ms. E. Sujitha- (Co Guide) Departmental 2014-15
18 A study to assess the level of knowledge on anti-coagulation therapy among patients subjected to cardiac surgery at SRMC. M.Sc (N) Dissertation Mr.RoshanMathaiKurian M.Sc (N) II student Dr.A.Porkodi (Guide) Mrs.P.Akila (Co Guide) Departmental 2013-14
19 A research critique on lived-in experience of patients recovered from Cerebrovascular accident at SRMC M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. P. V. Vyshnavi M.Sc (N) II student Dr. B. Sreelekha–(Guide) Ms. E. Sujitha- (Co Guide) Departmental 2013-14
20 Effectiveness of cryotherapy on pain and swelling among patients subjected to Arthroscopic surgery at SRMC M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. V. Minmini, M.Sc (N) II student Dr. Prasanna baby(Guide) Departmental 2013-14
21 Effectiveness of lumbar support on backache and comfort among postoperative patients subjected to abdominal surgery at SRH M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms.Jasila Abraham M.Sc (N) II student Ms.A.Seethalakshmi (Guide) Departmental 2013-14
22 Effect of aroma therapy on physiological parameters, pain and activities of daily living among patients with External fixators at SRH. M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. D. Caroline Mary M.Sc (N) II student Prof. P.V.Ramachandran Chairman, Nursing Education Guide Ms. R. Revathi- (Co Guide) Departmental 2013-14
23 Effectiveness of preparatory information on knowledge of life style modification among patients subjected to hemodialysis at F2 dialysis unit, SRMC. M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. R. Abinaya M.Sc (N) II student Dr.A.Porkodi (Guide) Departmental 2013-14
24 A study to assess the effect of comprehensive nursing strategies on level of thirst distress and compliance among patients with CKD subjected to hemodialysis at SRH M.Sc (N) Dissertation SMr. George Gomez M.Sc (N) II yr student Dr.A.Porkodi (Guide) Ms. E. Sujitha- (Co Guide) Departmental 2012-13
25 Effectiveness of intradialytic leg exercise on fatigue and activities of daily living among patients subjected to hemodialysis M.Sc (N) Dissertation Mr. Subish Jose M.Sc (N) II student, Prof. P.V. Ramachandran (Guide), Dr. N. Bamini Devi (Co Guide) Departmental 2012-13
26 Effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation on biophysiological parameters among patients with COPD M.Sc (N) Dissertation Mr. Naveen Jebakumar M.Sc (N) II student, Prof. P.V. Ramachandran (Guide), Mrs. P. Akila (Co Guide) Departmental 2012-13
27 Effectiveness of dysphagia exercise on swallowing ability among patients with cerebrovascular accident M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. Jansi Rani M.Sc (N) II student, Prof. P.V. Ramachandran (Guide), Dr. A. Seethalakshmi (Co Guide) Departmental 2012-13
28 Effect of hypertonic saline nebulized suctioning on airway clearance among patients connected to mechanical ventilator M.Sc (N) Dissertation Ms. N. Purnima M.Sc (N) II student, Dr. B.Sreelekha (Guide), Dr. R.Revathi (Co Guide) Departmental 2012-13
29 A study on in-hospital cardiac arrest: incidence and survival Interdepartmental Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing, Dept. of Emergency Medicine PI: Dr.A.Porkodi Co-investigator: Dr. Sreedevi Dr.B. Sreelekha Dr.T.V.Ramakrishnan Departmental 2013-15
30 A study to assess the effect of biofeedback assisted relaxation on blood pressure and anxiety level of hypertensive patients attending CCC, SRH. Minor Mrs. E. Sujitha Lecturer Departmental 2009- 15
31 Effectiveness of sleep hygiene practices on sleep quality, psoriasis severity and ADL Minor Mrs.R.Revathi Asst. Prof. Departmental 2008- 14