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Medical Surgical Nursing

Publications by the staff
The publications by the department faculty members for the period 2013-16 include the following: 
• Rajeswari H, Sreelekha B. Stress among Nurses in a Tertiary Care Hospital The International. Journal of Indian Psychology. 2016; 3(2):155-164 

• Malarvizhi M, Bhavani M. A research critique on the lived in experiences of patients subjected to chemotherapy. Nitte university Journal of Health sciences. 2015; 5(1): 48-52. 

• Malarvizhi.M, Hariprasad B, Prasannababy. A study to determine Breath holding time, forced vital capacity, PEFR among asthmatics. Elixir International Journal. 2015; 78: 29674-29676.

 • Malarvizhi.M, Hariprasad B, Prasannababy. Effectiveness of peak flow based self management on asthma health outome among asthmatics. Scholar's World International- Referred multidisciplinary Journal of Complimentary Research, ISSN No.2320-3145. 2015; 3(2): 33-37. 

• Sathiya K, Mohan Kumar, Prasannababy, Jothi Clara Michael. Effectiveness of laptop assisted nursing strategies on knowledge regarding prevention of complications of immobility among patients with major orthopaedic trauma. Journal of Science. 2015; 5(3):185-188. 

• Shriram Mahadevan, Anitharani M, Nalini SJ, Sreelekha B, Vidhya TA, Krishna Seshadri. Knowledge of hypoglycemia its associated factoramong type-II DM patients in a tertiary care center in South India. Indian Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism. 2015; 19(3):378-382. 

• Punitha Josephine S, VidhyaT, Sreelekha B. Effectiveness of preparatory informatics regarding home safety of elderly on knowledge among caregivers at a selected rural community in bengaluru, india. tjprc: International Journal of Nursing and Patient safety & care. 2015; 1(2). 

• Rajeswari H, Sreelekha B. Burnout among nurses. IJSR - International Journal of Scientific Research. 2015; 4(8): 407-10. • Kavitha, Sreelekha B. Effectiveness of swedish massage therapy on stress and blood pressure among patients with hypertension. International journal of science and research. 2015; 4(10). 

• Purnima N, Sreelekha B, Revathi R. Effect of hypertonic saline nebulized suctioning on airway clearance among patients connected to mechanical ventilator. Journal of science. 2014; 4(1):82 – 84. . 

• Minmini V, Prasannababy, Manjula A. Effectiveness of cryotherapyonpain and swelling among patients subjected to Arthroscopic surgery at SRMC. Journal of Science 2277- 3290. 2014; 4(7):416-420. 

• Hepsi Rachel, Prasannababy. Effectiveness of Structured Interventional Strategy on Knowledge, attitude and health Behaviour regarding selected modifiable Coronary artery risk factors among adoloscents in selected schools. IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science, ISSN No.e- 2320-1959, p-2320-1940. 2014; 3(6):1-7. 

• Caroline Mary, Revathi R. Effect of aroma therapy on physiological parameters and ADL among patients with external fixators at selected hospitals. Journal of Science. 2014; 4(6). 

• Sujitha E, Revathi R. A multimethod approach to assess the migraine disability among students. Journal of Science, 2014 2277- 3290. 2014; 583-586. 

• Sreelekha B. Effectiveness of Osteoporosis prevention program on dietary calcium intake and bone mineral density among school teachers. 2nd Worldwide Nursing conference proceedings. 2014; 

• Vyshnavi PV, Sreelekha B, Sujitha E. A research critique on lived-in experience of patients recovered from Cerebrovascular accident at SRMC. Journal of Science, 2277- 3290. 2014; 4(7):412-15. 

• Vyshnavi PV, Sreelekha B. Assessment of level of cognitive impairment among stroke patients. International Journal in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics. 2014; 3(4). 

• Malarvizhi M. Lecturer Effectiveness of holotropic breath work on anxiety among patients with alcohol dependence syndrome admitted at selected de-addiction on rehabilitation centre. IJAICT. 2014; 1: 132-135. 

• Malarvizhi M, Hariprasad B, Bhavani M. Determine the level of knowledge and practice on bronchial asthma. IJACIT. 2014; 1(3): 354-357.

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