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Faculty of Physiotherapy

Research focus

S.No Title of the Project Name of the Project Leader
01 Effects of graded exercise training on functional outcomes and quality of life in abdominal organ transplantation Mr. T. Senthilkumar
02 A Study to compare and analyse the influence of occupation on the finger flexion cascade in power grip users and non power grip users Mr. Jibu George Varghese
03 Reference values for Isometric muscle strength in extremities for South Indian Population-GATE Projects - SRIHER Prof. R.Sivakumar
04 Quality of life and functional performance following multifactorial manual intervention among subjects with chronic degenerative joint disease of the knee Mr.A.D.Gopalswami
05 Effect of Manual therapy and specific exercise conditioning on the clinical outcomes and quality of life in individuals with primary subacromial inpingement sydrome randomized control study Mr. K. Subbiah
06 A Biochemical study to determine the effects of exercise on articular cartilage in subjects with Osteoarthritis of knee joint Mrs. R. Angeline
07 A Study to analyze the various contributing factors for decreased fine motor skills in Children with Autism Spectrum of disorders Mrs. M. Rajeswari
08 To study the effect of interdialytic exercises in middle aged and elderly chronic disease patients Mrs. S. Sridevi
09 Role of early targeted customized individual Physiotherapy in Preterm and lowbirth weight infants Mrs. A. Rajarajeswari
10 A Study to assess pedometers as a means to Increase spontaneous physical activity in hemodialysis patients as Gate Project Mrs. S. Sridevi
11 Impact of task specific training for paretic lower extremity on lower limb motor control and functions in early sub acute phase following stroke (UGC Ref. No: 2703/(SC) NET JAN 2017) Ms. Meenakshi jharbade
11 Designing and validating a new measure for movement time in healthy adults Ms.C.M.Radhika
12 Association of Physical activity and fear avoidance belief in subject with chronic knee pain B. Aravind, Mrs. R. Angeline (Guide)
13 Effect of selective strengthening exercises of calf muscles in order to prevent the DOMS among sports population Anandhi S, Vijayalakshmi D, Pavithra S, Mr. A D Gopalswami (Guide)
14 Does diabetes induced altered sensory perception influence hand grip strength among participants with musculoskeletal disorders of upper limb.(2019) Ms.Padma Priya, Mr. K. Subbiah
15 Development of Mobile Health application in yoga for low back pain. R. Pavithra, S. Kiruthiga, Mrs. P. Vijayalakshmi(Guide),Mr. Narasimman Swaminathan(CoGuide), Mrs. Arundhadhi (Co Guide)
16 Prevalence of trismus and efficacy of structured rehabilitation protocol in managing it in head and neck cancer subjects undergoing radiotherapy. Ms.Pooja.V, Ms.Mythili.k, Prof.Narasimman swaminathan (Guide)
17 Effects of submaximal Exercise Training versus Resisted Exercises among Adolesecnt PCOS population in India. Ms.Aswathi suresh, Ms.Sheirly maria Theras.L, Ms.Subhashini.s, Dr.B.Sathyaprabha(Guide)