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Clinical Psychology

Publications by the staff
Book Chapter
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Dr. Thomas P.N got Technical Teachers Training – Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (TTTI-AAP) Award for best research in PhD – A Study of Children at Risk for Alcohol Abuse.

Best paper award by Ms. Lalitha Subramaniam at the 3rd InSPA National Conference on 22-24nd December 2014 held at NIEPMD, Chennai.

Best paper awards by Ms. Lalitha Subramaniam and Ms. Emilda Judith at the National Conference on Enhancing Psychological Wellbeing (NCEPW-2014) 20th -21st Feb 2014, held in Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.

Dr. O. S. Ravindran was honored for having rendered twenty years of continuous service in SRU in September 2015

Gold medal for best outgoing student to Ms. Merline Thanka in 2012 -14.

Gold medal for best outgoing student to Ms. Gaja Lakshmi in 2013 -15.

Awarded Best Performance in School Psychology By Indian School Psychology Association (InSPA) – October 2016.