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Allied Health Sciences

HOD Profile

Dr.S.Senthil Kumar
Dr.S.Senthil Kumar
Allied Health Sciences
22 Years of experience since highest degree
Research Guidance:
Completed - 1
Full Time - 3
Part Time - 4
Member of Board of Studies :
1.University Of Madras
2. The Tamil Nadu Dr.M G R Medical University
3.Chettinad University
4.Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education & Research
Member of Doctoral Committee:
1.University Of Madras
2.Bharath University
3.Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University
4.Saveetha University
5.SRM University.
Member of National Curricula Task Force for Allied Health Courses:
• Department of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
Awards and Recognition
1. Peraringar Anna Award for the Best Teacher and Social Reformer
2. Dr.T.Jeyavelu Memorial award
3. Dr M.M.Cooper Memorial award [4 times]
4. FABMS-Fellowship Awarded by Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists

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