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School of Nursing

Outreach and community activities
Community outreach Programmes:
To fulfill the requirements of  the community health nursing the students are posted in rural and urban areas and all the assignments such as providing health education, staging role plays, carrying out cooking demonstrations are being accomplished by them and the students doing research projects during interns period.
School of Nursing interns and III year DGNM students joined with the PHC govt. Staffs and took part in dengue awareness programme at Mugalivakkam and Nemam PHCs from 03.10.2013 to 30.11.2013.

Rural outreach
Under the rural outreach programme the students have been taking posting since 1994 in the Primary Health Centre (PHC) of the Mugalivakkam located at a distance of 10kms and covering five villages and reaches 52,159 residences. In addition, the primary Health Centre (PHC) of  Nemam located at a distance of 15kms with six villages comprising a population of 24,879 have been reached since June 2008.
In addition to PHC of Vayalanallur locate at a distance of 10kms since 2013.

Urban outreach
Under the urban outreach programme the students have been taking posting in the urban health post of Alandur and Adambakkam located at a distance of 10kms comprising a population of 43,462 and 43,427 respectively.
The School of Nursing played a major role in the Mass Health Education Programme held at Mugalivakkam and Vayalanallur PHC on 04.12.2013 & 07.12.2013 and displayed a role play on the topic Dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Teaching methods
PPT presentation
Project method
Aided lectures
Clinical presentation
Self learning desk
Quiz program

Evaluation methods
Clinical and class room assignment
Projects, clinical presentation 
Care study and ward rounds
Clinical evaluation
Quarterly-model examination (Theory and practical)
Board exams (Theory and practical)

Students extension activities
The students have been taking active part in the following-
Blood donation camps which organized by are SRIHER
Medical camps and eye camps
Pulse polio Programmes
All health awareness programme.

Observational visit:
The students are being sent to the areas for their observational visits every year according to the requirement as follows;
For I year students:

1. Water purification                            -  Chembarampakkam
2. Sathyalok                                           -  Mentally retarded children
3. Milk Diary                                          -  Mathavaram
4. Sewage plant                                     - Nesapakkam
5. Catering technology institute         - Adayar
6. Hospital, SRU                                     - Kitchen unit
7. Hospital, SRU                                     - Laundry unit
8. Hospital, SRU                                    - Incineration unit
For III year students:
1. Gremaltes                                         - Leprosy Hospital –Chennoy Nagar
2. Sathyalok                                         - Geriatric Home& Physically challenged children care
3. Orphanage                                      - SEED
4. T.B. Centre                                      - Rehabilitation Centre, Chetput
5. Cancer institute                             - Adayar

Celebration/Special events;
Campus environmental day
160 DGNM students and 14 Faculty participated in the “ECO walk at SRIHER campus on 07.03.2013.

Women’s day celebration:
 12 III year DGNM students participated in the women’s day programs along with College of Nursing on 08.03.2013.

Nurses day and alumni reunion celebration:
Archana, Clinical instructor, School of Nursing presented a paper on reduce child mortality on 08.05.2013 at College of Nursing, SRIHER.

Breast feeding week:
In celebration of the breast feeding week our first CNE programme touching the theme “Breast feeding support: close to mothers” was conducted on 05.08.2013. The programme being the first of its kind done by Schools of Nursing in Tamilnadu, it  received a high appreciation.
Teacher’s day was celebrated on 5th September 2013.

SNA activities:
The following activities are organized and celebration every year as a part of Student Nurses Association activities.
Freshers day Celebration
Talent’s day Celebration
Sports competitions
Rangoli competition
Mehandi competition
Dance competition
Singing competition