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Paediatric Nursing

Research focus
Most of the research projects undertaken by the faculty and post graduate of the departments in Paediatric OPD, in patient wards, Neonatal ICU, Paediatric Intensive Care Units and also in the community.

Child development assessment
Under five clinics
Complimentary therapies
Adolescents Health
Child guidance
Palliative care for cancer child

On going Projects:

Sl.No Title of the project Name of the project leader Year Name of the funding agency
1 Effectiveness of autogenic training on Depression anxiety, stress and QOL of the mothers with special children Mrs.Vijayasamundeeswari.P 2012 4YEARS Rs.60,000 SRIHER
2 Effectiveness of parent information education and communication program on coping with stress and anxiety among mothers of preterm infants at SRMC Ms.Shanmuga priya.A 2012 4YEARS Departmental
3 Effectiveness of Pranic healing on physical well being among patients subjected to cardiac surgeries at SRH Mrs.Geetha .D 2012 4YEARS Rs.70,000 SRIHER
4 A study to assess the knowledge attitude and practice on oral health among mothers of under five children attending pediatric OPD Ms. A. Revathy Guide: Mrs.D.Geetha 2016 Departmental
5 A study to assess the effectiveness of progress muscle relaxation therapy on stress, anxiety and depression among parents of development delay children in special school at Chennai Ms.L. Geofel Snehal Guide: Ms.Shanmuga priya. A 2016 Departmental
6 A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program on knowledge and practice regarding intravenous therapy among pediatric staff nurses Ms.Divya A Guide: Mrs.Vijayasamundeeswari.P 2016 Departmental
7 A study to assess the behavioural problems of preschoolers among working and non working mothers attending pediatric outpatient department Ms.Roice Koruth Guide:Mrs.D.Geetha 2016 Departmental
8 A study to assess the parent child relationship among parents of adolescents attending pediatric OPD MMs.Maya V L Guide:Dr.Anita David 2016 Departmental
9 A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching program on knowledge and practice regarding care of low birth weight babies among mothers of neonates admitted in NICU Ms.Sreelakshmi Guide:Dr.Anita David 2016 Departmental

Completed Research Projects: 

Sl.No Title of the project Interdepartmental/ National/ International Name of the project leader Collaborating institution and name of funding agency year Year in which started and duration
1 Assess the level of anemia among 1-5 years of age admitted at paediatric ward Project Ms.Divya A, Ms.Maya V.L, Ms.Goef shenal, Ms.Roice, Ms.A.Revathy, & Ms.Sreelakshmi
Guide: Dr.Anita David
Departmental 2016
2 Evaluate the effectiveness of pranayama on academic stress among 10th standard students Dissertation Ms.Dona joseph Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2016
3 Effectiveness of deep flexor muscle strengthening exercise for neck pain disability among adolescents Dissertation K. Lokeshwari Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2016
4 A study to assess the effectiveness of aerobic exercises on anthropometric measurements among school children at selected schools in Chennai. Dissertation Ms. Baby subathra. T.V Co-Guide: Ms.Shanmuga priya. A Departmental 2015
5 A study to assess the effectiveness of nursing intervention regarding pediculosis human capitus on knowledge and level of infestation among school children and their mothers. Dissertation Ms.Jiss mary Varghese Co-Guide: Mrs.Vijayasamundeeswari.P Departmental 2015
6 A study to Assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on bottle feeding and risk factors of dental carries among mothers with children in the age group of 1-5 yrs in Sri Ramachandra Hospital Dissertation Ms. Iswariya Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2015
7 A study to Assess the effectiveness of tailor made edification on knowledge and attitude about organ donation among adolescence at selected schools in Chennai. Dissertation Ms. Lovy William Co-Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2015
8 Descriptive study to assess the parentral psychological distress and quality of life in children with cancer in selected hospital at Chennai. Dissertation Ms.Anisha Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2014
9 Assess the effectiveness of massage therapy on respiratory status among toddlers with lower respiratory tract infection Dissertation Ms.Helen Martina.M.A. Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2014
10 Comparative study to assess the social anxiety and self esteem between urban and rural adolescents studying at school Dissertation Ms .Persia Florence priyadharshini Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2014
11 Assess the effectiveness of story map technique on the level of comprehension skills among children in selected at Chennai. Dissertation Ms.Vanathi.R.k. Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2014
12 Effectiveness of hand held video games on the Bio- physical parameters among children subjected to minor surgeries Dissertation Ms.Prathiba Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2014
13 Effectiveness of ocular exercise on computer vision syndrome among adolescents in selected schools at Chennai Dissertation Allen Nimmy Thomas Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2013
14 Effectiveness of carton movies on post operative pain and discomfort among children subjected to surgery at SRH. Dissertation Janet Joseph Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2013
15 Effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation on bio- Physical parameters among children receiving chemotherapy at SRH. Dissertation Merlin Baby Guide:Dr.Anita David Departmental 2016
16 Effectiveness of positive parenting programme on knowledge and practice among mothers of pre schoolers in selected school at Chennai. Dissertation Sara Ruby Johnson Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2013
17 Effectiveness of Helfer Skin tap technique on Physio- Behavioural parameters among children reflected to intramuscular injection at immunization clinic. Dissertation Shyno.S. Thankacha Guide: Mrs.Hepzibah Beulah Departmental 2013