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Sentence of the Day

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nursing

Research focus
Thrust Areas:
Labour& Delivery
Women’s Health
Community Midwifery
Adolescent Health
Preventive Obstetrics

Infrastructure/equipments costing more than 5 lakhs-
Simulator for   labour /delivery conduction with New born resuscitation –Noelle TM simulator (Gaumard® Scientific, USA).

Collaborating institutions-
Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Apollo college of Nursing, Chennai.


Sl.No Title Patent application number Inventors Affiliation Patent published on
1 Vaginal Cone 6032/CHE/2015 GanesanSumathi Dr. Jaya Vijayaraghavan Dr. Sunil Shroff Dr.Ramachandra Dr.ThallamVeeraVallipAndaman Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai 7/11/2015

M.D/M.S/M.D.S/Ph.D ongoing

Sl.No Name of the research scholar Topic Guide Co Guide
1 SherlinePriyadharshini A study to assess the effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation technique on stress and quality of sleep among mothers of pretence babies is tertiary care center. Mrs.R.Sumathi Mrs.V.Santhi
2 Amithamol A study to evaluate the effectiveness of video- assisted birth preparedness teaching on child birth attitude and self-efficacy among primigravidae women attending antenatal OPD and wards at tertiary care center. Dr.Rajeswari Prof.Dr.S.J. Nalini
3 J. Jothi Physical activity patterns during pregnancy Prof.Dr.S.J.Nalini Dr.Rajeswari

Ph.D ongoing

Sl.No Name of the research scholar Title Department Year of admission
1 R.Sumathi A Study to assess the effectiveness of Perimenopausal Empowerment Strategies on stress, Depression and Quality of life among Perimenopausal women OBG Nursing, SRIHER 2014
2 Mrs.V.Santhi A Study to assess the efficacy of multicomponent behavioural training on stress, Anxiety and Quality of life on premenstrual syndrome among adolescent girls. OBG Nursing, Meenakshi University, 2019