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Biomedical Sciences

Thrust areas for your department
  1. Dr. Solomon FD Paul: Radiobiology, Radiation genetics, Biodosimetry, Biophysics and Environmental Biology
  2. Dr. Sumathy:  Anti-glycation & anti-diabetic, Anti-cancer & Nephrotoxicity
  3. Dr. Rajalakshmanan Eswaramoorthy : Advanced biomaterial; Nanotechnology; Functional tissue engineering; Musculoskeletal regeneration; Alternative cell sources and stem cells; Pharmaceutical biotechnology.
  4. Dr. K.Kaviarasan: Proteomics and lipidomics; ocular biology; diabetes and its complication.
  5. Dr. Suresh Kannan: Mesenchymal stem cells, Neural stem cells, Neurogenesis, Neurodegenerative disorders, Pre clinical stem cell models; Cancer biology
  6. Mr. R. Gnanasambandan: Genetics of Polycystic Kidney Disease; Epidemiology of diabetic nephropathy; Drug efficacy studies on Kidney transplantation
  7. Ms. Lalitha: Phytotherapy research, Molecular targets of diseases in Zebrafish, Cell migration related to wound Inflammation mechanisms in Zebrafish, Fermentation targets in biomedical research.
  8. Ms. R Sumitha: Drosophila Biology, Pharmaceutical biotechnology and Applied Microbiology.
  9. Ms. Betty Lincoln: Biophysics, Nanotechnology, Bioelectronics