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Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Outreach and community activities
The Department is involved in conducting the following activities on a regular basis. Some of these activities are organised more than once in fortnight or month or annually.

Public awareness programmes on
  1. Voice sensitisation programs are conducted for professional voice users (school teachers, singers) in various schools, centres in Chennai and Tamil Nadu (Trichy, Madurai, Kanchipuram, etc.)
  2. Noise awareness programmes for industrial workers, traffic police, teachers and other professionals exposed to noise on daily basis.
  3. Speech, language and hearing sensitisation programme for school students and teachers
  4. Career guidance programme for school students and parents
  1. Speech, Language and Hearing Screening Camps (diagnostic and rehabilitative) are conducted outside Chennai in Trichy, Villupuram, Gummidipundi etc and also in various centers of Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan program in Tamil Nadu
  2. Part of multidisciplinary camps organised as a part of Medical Centre at various parts of Tamil Nadu
  3. Camps (diagnostic and rehabilitative) for individuals with cleft of lip and palate are conducted on regular basis in Vandavasi, Chengam, Cheyyar, Polur, Arani, Cuddalore and Thiruvanamalai
Extended services
  1. Tele speech, language and audiological services are provided in various schools and rural areas in Tamil Nadu.
  2. Audiological and speech diagnostic testing is carried out at the State Regional Training Centre (SRTC), Chennai for individuals with communication difficulties
  3. Talks and interviews on media (newspapers, televisions, radio) on specific topics related to speech, language and hearing sciences is also carried out
Further, the department observes World Autism Awareness Day, World Voice Day, International Day for persons with Intellectual Disabilities and so on with camps and other outreach activities.

Camps Conducted From January to July 2019
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