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Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Clinical focus
The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences offers unique services in association with Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre. The thrust areas of services have evolved depending on the needs of the population served, skills available at the department and placement as a part of the medical centre serving rural and suburban population. The speciality clinics involve interaction with multidisciplinary team including plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons, paediatricians, psychologists, neurologists, neonatologists etc. 

The routine clinical units and specialty clinics for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes include the following: 

Speech and Language Clinical Services:
  • Speech and language evaluation (perceptual and instrumental such as stroboscopy, endoscopy, voice analysis, etc.)
  • Bedside evaluation
  • Speech and language therapy for individuals with intellectual disability, autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, cerebral palsy, stroke, etc.
  • Cleft lip and palate clinic
  • Voice clinic
  • Child development units 
  • Stuttering management and support group
  • Group therapy for individuals with language disorders
  • Speech and language services at Vidya Sudha, Sri Ramachandra Learning Centre for children with special needs

Audiology clinical services:
  • Audiological evaluation (pure tone audiometry, immittance audiometry, brainstem evoked     response audiometry, higher cortical potentials, VEMP and otoacoustic emission testing) 
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Tinnitus clinic
  • Hearing aid clinic
  • Cochlear implant clinic
  • Aural rehabilitation (electroacoustic characteristics, real ear measurement, functional gain, therapy for individuals with hearing impairment)
  • Early intervention for children with hearing impairment

Tele-practice and outreach programs for public education, community based services, camps are also offered.

Special Clinics
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