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Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics

Research focus
Thrust area
Dental caries
Rotary instruments
Restorative materials
Herbal alternatives for endodontic irrigants and intracanal medicaments
Disinfection in Endodontics
Endodontic microbiology
Inflammatory markers in endodontics
Research Ethics
Biofilm management in root canal

Self Funded Faculty Research Projects (Ongoing)
Prevalence of Dental Erosion defects In Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Patients In A Tertiary Health Care Hospital In South Indian Population-A Cross Sectional Pilot Study. - Dr. Rajeswari, Dr. Arathi Ganesh and Dr. Kandaswamy.
Microhardness alteration potential of a naturally occuring antioxidant – Dr. Hasini
Effect of cavity disinfectants on shear bond strength of self-cure composite resin – Dr. Beji Joshna
Fracture resistance of horizontally fractured tooth stabilized by intra radicular splinting – Dr. Sindhu.
Effect of cryotherapy on the external root surface temperature during thermoplasticized guttapercha obturation – Dr. Vinoth Kumar
Smear layer removal & ion concentration in dentin with various chelating agents – Dr. Sruthi.
Morphological variations in maxillary second molars in Tamil Nadu population using CBCT - Dr. Arivunithi.K, Dr. Athira.S, Dr. Shreya Bose
Antibacterial efficacy of epicatechin and Catechin against streptococcus mutans - Dr. Pradeeba Anandhi.V, Dr. Veena Satish.
Polymerisation Kinetics and thermal behaviour of bulkfill fiber reinforced resin composite- A pilot study - Dr. Vinoth Kumar.
Effect of potassium nitrate on whitening efficacy of bleaching agent – Dr. Sruthi.

Summer Research Projects
Undergraduate research projects are guided by the faculty every year and build an appetite for research at very early stages of the dental student’s career.
Time matters with toothpaste - Simran Jindal & Dr. D. Kandaswamy (2017)
Comparative evaluation of cleaning efficacy of manual tooth brushing versus powered electric tooth brush with rotary motion versus electric toothbrush with oscillating-rotating-pulsating technology using a fluorescent light emitting diode based real time imaging intraoral camera- An in vivo study - Sawmea, Nivedha, Dr. Chakravarthy & Dr. D. Kandaswamy (2017)
Correlation of beam profile of different light emiting diode curing lights with microhardness and degree of conversion of nanohybrid restorative composite resin – Yogalakshmi, Karina, Dr. Chakravarthy and Dr. Arathi Ganesh (2018).

Few other Projects and Research conducted
Effect of Bleaching procedure on flexural strength, Surface hardness ans surface roughness of nano composite restorative materials- an invitro study
Surface characteristic changes of a indirect restorative material when used as a novel surface reagent
Antimicrobial effect of aegle marmelous on enterococcus faecalis- An ex vivo study
pH analysis and fluoride ion release influence on remaining dentin thickness
Evaluation of pH change and microhardness of root dentin when Qmix is used as an irrigating agent
Evaluation of anti bacterial efficacy of Qmix when used as an intracanal medicament
To evaluate the surface hardness and the porosity of the new material Endosum by Vickers hardness test
To evaluate the surface hardness of the root dentin after using 7% maleic acid and 6% maleic acid- An in vitro study
Comparison of anti microbial effectiveness of several concentrations of alexidine with chlorhexidine
Effect of mixing and placement technique on physical properties of manually and mechanically mixed MTA
Evaluation of mechanical properties of bulk fill flowable composite
Comparative evaluation of apical transportation and canal centering ability of protaper next and wave one using CBCT in MB2 canal
Evaluation of surface hardness and depth of cure of resin composite modified with silver nanoparticles
Evaluation of surface roughness of bulk fill resin composite with different fillers and photoinitiated system
Fracture resistance of fiber reinforced composite
Cyclic fatigue of two recently introduced NiTi rotary insruments
Comparative evaluation of temperature variations in pulp chamber and tensile bond strength of GCP glass carbomer with different curing time periods
Comparative evluation of ionic dissociation of pre mixed calcium hydroxide pastes in acidic environment- An in vitro study
Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of caries affected dentinal surface treated by various caries excavation methods
Evaluation of effectiveness of barrier materials against cervical percolation and extra radicular diffusion of bleaching agent in non vital bleaching - in vitro study
Evaluation of the sealing ability of 3 different root- end filling materials using confocal laser scanning microscope and interface analysis using scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray analysis
Comparing the push out bond strength of mineral trioxide aggregate and magnesium phosphate cement to dentin
A confocal laser scanning microscopic evaluation of the depth of penetration and sealer/dentin interface of three endodontic sealers- An in vitro study
Comparative evaluation of anti- bacterial efficacy of three intracanal medicaments with varying osmolarity on e. faecalis biofilm- An in vitro study
Comparative evaluation of the shear bond strength of self adhering flowable composite and conventional flowable composite bonded with self etch adhesive and total etch adhesive to superficial and deep dentin
Evaluation of biofilm aggregation in water pipe lines in dental chair