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Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics

Thrust areas for your department
Teaching and learning methods
To provide Learning Objectives and Minimum Content for their respective classes 
To implement Problem Based Learning (PBL) in PG and UG curriculum.
To explore PBL through Teledentistry with the universities abroad such as the Hong Kong university that are actively practicing PBL
To unite all city dental colleges by MOU for easy access to any library to postgraduate of any institute.

To create affiliations with premier engineering institutes like Anna University, Central Leather Research Institute, IIT and other engineering universities  and constitute Biodental engineering specialty.
Every research methodology has to be attested by the protocol officer before pursuing their research.
All the research has to get clearance from ethical committee.
To implement compulsory graded courses in biostatistics and ethics as a part of postgraduate research curriculum.

Patient care
To create an interactive patient friendly website with authentic information for patients on various procedures performed in the department as well as for their feedback.
To digitize patient record and census.
To creating a Caries Free Society Initiative as a part of social responsibility program.