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Sentence of the Day

Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics

Final year engineering students from Department of Biotechnology, Sathyabama University are doing their research on the topic “Evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of glass ionomer cement and biodentin on Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus” under the guidance of Prof. D. Kandaswamy.

S.No Research project Name of the student Name of the faculty Department/ Instituition
1 A Comparative study of Two indegenious plant Extracts with sodium Hypochlorite and EDTA As a final rinse for smear Layer removal in root Canal treatment:An in Vitro study Dr. K Jayaleela Shri Dr.D. Kandaswamy/Dr. Arathi Ganesh Anna University
2 Comparative evaluation Of the cytotoxicity of Four insectivorousPlants and sodium Hypochlorite using the MTT assay: An in Vitro Study Dr. Veronica ArunaKumari Dr.D. Kandaswamy/Dr. Arathi Ganesh Department of genetics, SRIHER
3 Comparative evaluation of three Enzyme Inhibitors on the micro Tensile bond strength Of self etch and total Etch adhesive systems to sound dentin Dr. K Rajeswari. Dr.D. Kandaswamy/ Dr.Arathi Ganesh CIPET, Chennai
4 Comparative evaluation Of cyclic fatigue Resistance of three Different NiTi rotary Instruments produced By different manufacturing methods Dr. Rupa A Dr.D. Kandaswamy/ Dr.Arathi Ganesh CIPET, Chennai
5 Evaluation of the effectiveness of phosphonic acid acrylate primer in enhancing the adhesion of self-adhesive resin cement to zirconia based ceramics - An in vitro study. Dr. Rahul.J Dr. D.Kandaswamy/Dr. Mathan Rajan CIPET, Chennai
6 Determination of minimum inhibitory concentration of silver nanaoparticles against e. faecalis
Dr. Venkatesh Babu/Dr. D.Kandaswamy Department of genetics, SRIHER
7 Investigation on the antibacterial efficacy of nanoparticles against e. facealis by using CLSM
Dr. Venkatesh Babu/Dr. D.Kandaswamy Department of genetics, SRIHER
8 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of activated charcoal and calcium hydroxide as intracanal medicaments against toxins of Enterococcus faecalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum – an in vitro study
Dr. Hasini VR/Dr. Arathi G Maaratha Mandal Dental College, Belgaum
9 Evaluation of degree of conversion and microshear bond strength of three photo initiated resin luting cements bonded to lithium disilicate veneers – an in vitro study
Dr. Sruthi KVNS/Dr. Mathan Rajan Anna University
10 Evaluation of depth of cure and surface microhardness of three different bulk fill resin based composites
Dr. Vinoth Kumar/ Dr. Arathi G. Anna University