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About the Department / Program
Physiology is indeed an explanation of life. What other subject matter is more fascinating, more exciting, more beautiful than the subject of life? - Arthur C Guyton

Physiology is a basic medical science taught to the health care students which explains about the functions of each system and how they coordinate to maintain good health. The department of Physiology has excellent infrastructure and faculties with wide experience and knowledge in different fields of Physiology thus providing quality teaching, research in innovative and emerging fields and clinical services in the university.  The department provides Physiology teaching to medical, dental and various para-medical students in the University. The faculties are trained both in teaching (Medical Education) and research (PhD scholars) which helps to nurture skills in the students. . Two faculties have been awarded PhD, while 6 faculties (5 Internal and one external) are pursuing part time PhD and 2 postgraduates are in ICMR MD PhD program. Three faculties have been awarded PhD, while 5 faculties are pursuing part time PhD and 2 postgraduates are in ICMR MD PhD program. Four faculties have been awarded FAIMER fellowship in medical education and three faculties have completed advanced training in medical education. The department has an Autonomic Function Lab which offers support to the clinical departments by evaluating the autonomic functions. Through several national and international collaborations, the department performs various research and has published research papers in renowned, high impact factor journals. The department also conducts national and international conferences frequently to update the newer and upcoming concepts. Dr.Venkat Srinivasan, Board Certified- Internal Medicine, Arizona center for Integrative Medicine, San Antonio, Texas, USA and Dr. Sathyaprabha, Neurophysiogist  from NIMHANS are the Visiting Professors.