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Sentence of the Day


S.No Title of the project Name of the project leader Started Year & Duration Collaborations Research thrust areas
1. Integrated e- module on Diabetes Mellitus for Phase I and Phase II MBBS students Dr.Archana P Kumar 2012 / 2.5 years Inter Departmental Medical education, Endocrinology
2. Assessment of Vitamin D levels in adolescents & young adults in Chennai Dr.SheelaRavinder.S. 2014 / 1 year Inter Departmental Endocrinology
3. Establishing relationships between select adverse pregnancy and childhood health outcomes and maternal/child exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution in a rural-urban prospective cohort in Tamilnadu, India Dr.R.Padmavathi 2008 / 5 years. Inter Departmental Environmental Physiology
4. Exposure assessment on study subjects of an on-going rural-urban population based study on endo-vascular disease in adults at SRU (The PURSE-HIS cohort study) for establishing linkages to air pollution as part of ICMR Centre for Advanced Research on Environmental Health: Air Pollution. Dr.R.Padmavathi 2008 / 5 years Inter Departmental Environmental Physiology
5. Vulnerability Assessment to Heat stress and its impacts on Health and Productivity for select Occupational sectors in the context of Climate Change Dr.R.Padmavathi 2012 / 2 years Inter Departmental& Institutional Environmental Physiology
(Umea University, Sweden)
6. Assessment of heat stress and its impacts on health of the workers from different occupational sectors Dr.R.Padmavathi 2012 / 5 years Inter Departmental Environmental Physiology
7. The study of Inflammatory Mediators in Renal cell carcinoma patients and its correlation to selective risk factors Dr.R.Padmavathi 2013 / 5 years Inter Departmental Pathology
8. Exploring Respiratory health outcomes from sustained use of efficient cook stoves Dr.Priscilla Johnson 2013 / 3 years Inter Institutional Environmental Physiology,
(Washington University, USA)
9. Study of select vascular parameters in atherosclerotic subjects Dr.Dilara.K 2014 / 5 years Inter Departmental Cardiology