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Clinical focus
Academics with clinical focus: The preclinical integrated curriculum includes both horizontal integration of basic sciences and vertical integration of relevant clinical subjects. The integrated learning is facilitated by a clinical scenario which is used both as an anchor and link for all the basic science subjects. The case is specifically written to stimulate discussion of basic science concepts & their clinical application. Under graduate students also visit the hospital wards and blood bank during their first year to integrate the basic sciences with the relevant clinical condition. Post graduates are also posted in clinical departments for getting oriented with several clinical procedures.
• Research with clinical focus: Most of the research projects undertaken by the faculty and post graduates of the department have population health and other clinical outcomes as the thrust areas of the projects.
• Patient Care: Autonomic function lab has been established to extend the services of the department for patient care. Patient with Psoriasis, Diabetes have been evaluated for autonomic disturbances. Yoga laboratory with trained yoga Specialists has been established to conduct research in the field of yoga as an intervention which then can be extended to patient care.