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Thrust areas for your department
Research Focus: Environmental Physiology

1.1. Indoor Air Pollution and Health effects
Indoor air quality monitoring in rural households of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Monitoring and Evaluation of Improved Cook Stoves in South India.
Case-control study of indoor air pollution and other risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis in a rural population of Tamil Nadu, India.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in biomass fuel users in Tamil Nadu- a pilot study for assessment of prevalence and implications for the burden of disease in rural women.
Indoor air pollution and Acute respiratory tract infections in children under the age of five.
Effect of biomass fuel and stove intervention on mucociliary clearance in women.
ICMR Advanced centre for Air pollution and Health Research – Mother –child cohort for examining the association between Indoor air pollution and adverse pregnancy outcomes’.
Exploring Respiratory health outcomes from sustained use of efficient cook stoves.

1.2. Outdoor Air Pollution
Study of Lead Exposure and Outcomes amongst Children in Chennai, India.
Estimation of Health Effects of Air Pollutants Using Exposure –Response Functions from Time-Series Analyses in Chennai, India.
Human Health Risk Assessment for air pollutants in Chennai, India.
Air pollution and endovascular diseases.
Generation Of Exposure Response Relationships For Short Term Health Effects Related To Ambient Air Pollution In Chennai City.

2. Research Focus: Occupational Health

2.1 Job Exposure Assessment
Assessment of Heat Stress and its impacts on Health among workers from different Occupational sectors.
Job Exposure Profiles and Workplace Improvements in Leather Tanneries – A Case Study from Tamil Nadu, India.
Assessment of work capacity and workload in the workers of different occupational sectors.
Stress in IT professionals.
Pulmonary functions in Traffic policemen
Pulmonary function tests in foundry workers
Prevalence of Noise induced hearing loss and hypertension in industrial workers.
Occupational lead exposure and Blood Pressure-A Cross sectional study.
Pulmonary function tests in different occupational sectors (tannery workers; beedi industry workers)
Study of Chromosomal   aberration in gasoline station workers exposed to petroleum fumes.
Prevalence of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders among workers in an industrial town in Tamilnadu.

2.2. Health Impact Assessment
Evaluating the Sustainability and Impacts of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Interventions.
Public Health Risk Assessment for Chromium Contaminated Industrial Waste Sites in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.
Comparative risk assessment for air pollutants in Chennai city, India
Economic valuation of health damage in North Chennai using a comparative risk assessment framework
Emergency room visits due to cardio respiratory illness from major hospitals in Chennai, India- A preliminary study.
A preliminary study of assessment of left ventricular functions in morbid obesity.

3. Research Focus: Pulmonary Physiology
Diurnal and seasonal variation of Peak expiratory flow rate in adolescents
Assessment of phagocytic function of macrophages among COPD patients
Assessment of pulmonary  functions among urban, semi urban and rural population
Pulmonary function test in tannery workers- a cross sectional study
Comparative study of nasal mucociliary clearance between clean fuel users and biomass users.
Effect of yoga on breath holding time in medical  students
Respiratory defense mechanisms in Asthmatics
Prevalence of ARI in children less than 2 years in urban &rural population at Thiruvallur.
Efficiency of pulse-oximeter versus pulmonary function tests in assessing respiratory functions
Effect of Bhramari pranayama on baseline physiological parameters in apparently healthy adolescents
Study of pulmonary functions among flutists Effect of Yoga training on cardiorespiratory functions among young individuais.
Effect of Zumba training on lung functions among young individuals.

4. Research Focus:  Autonomic Physiology
Study of autonomic functions in normal pregnant woman.
Effect of posture on cardiovascular autonomic functions.
Assessment of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN) and to study the association of plasma Brain Natriuretic Peptide levels in type 2 DM patients with CAN.
Study of autonomic functions in various phases of menstrual cycle.
Heart rate variability among young adolescent subjects.
Development, construction & testing of a low cost ECG wireless transmission device with unipolar modified dry electrode placement for heart rate detection.
Autonomic and pulmonary functions among workers exposed to air pollution.
Assessment of Autonomic functions among vitamin D deficient individuals.
Neuroimmunological assessment of the cardiovascular risks in Psoriasis.
Evaluation of stress among school going late adolescents in Chennai.
Prevalence of stress and autonomic function among women nursing professional.

5. Research Focus: Medical Education
Changing trends in evaluation of practical skills
Gender difference in learning style preference among Medical students
Knowledge, attitudes & awareness of HIV/AIDS among medical students
Remedial education program for the under achieving Preclinical medical students.
Students’ opinion on interactive lecturing in physiology.
Teaching physiology by the broken lecture method
Case Based learning as an effective teaching learning method in an integrated preclinical MBBS curriculum
Interactive Lecturing in Physiology (for FAIMER -  International Fellowship)
Development of Interactive e-module on Physiology of High  Altitude
‘Integrated e- module on Diabetes Mellitus for Phase I and Phase II MBBS students’
The impact of E-learning in increasing awareness regarding dentistry
‘Innovative , Interactive teaching method  for Under Graduate students – e-module and Professional Development Programme’
‘Evaluation of different metacognitive tools and learning outcomes among undergraduate students’

6. Research Focus: Endocrine
Stroboscopy and voice acoustic analysis in hypothyroid patients.
Dyslipidemic changes in women with subclinical hypothyroidism.
Correlation between visceral obesity and liver enzymes – A cross    sectional study
Assessment of vocal cords and voice in hypothyroid patients.
Relationship of 17 beta estradiol on motor and cognitive performance during the early follicular and pre ovulatory phase of menstrual cycle in adults
Influence of diet on dyslipidemia, oxidative stress and anti-oxidant status among  among vegetarian and non-vegeterian in south Indian adult  population
‘A study of vitamin-D levels across different populations in Chennai’
Prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance and its correlation with age, sex, BMI, waist hip ratio and family history of diabetes
Study of inflammatory markers, stress markers and IL-6 gene polymorphism among Indian women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Obesity a risk factor for plantar fasciitis.

7. Research Focus: Physical Activity & Yoga
Study of effect of pranayama and other yoga exercises on respiratory efficiency among young adolescent healthy subjects.
Study of muscle functions in sedentary and physically active young adults
Effect of seethali pranaysama on resting cardiovascular parameters
Effect of increased BMI on muscle functions in young adults
Effect of Yoga training on cardiorespiratory functions among young individuals.

8. Research Focus: Oncology
‘The study of Inflammatory Mediators in Renal cell carcinoma patients and its correlation to selective risk factors’

9. Research Focus: Neurology
‘Peripheral Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Disease – Alzheimer’s disease’
Effects of Ethanolicextract of Cayratia auriculata on alpha-synuclein aggregation and its expression in rotenone-induced Zebrafish Parkinson model
Association between obesity and cognitive function in middle aged persons -  a cross sectional study

10. Research Focus: Cardiovascular  
‘Study of select vascular parameters as Prognostic indicator in Atherosclerotic patients'
Comparison of Aortic blood pressure & pulse wave velocity among atherosclerotic subjects

11. Research Focus: Nephrology 
Heat stress and Chronic kidney disease.
Novel biomarkers –{ Osteoprotegerin and Fetuin-A} for vascular calcification in patients with chronic kidney disease.

12. Research Focus: Psychophysiology
Prevalence rate of depression among Diabetic patients in Vellore
Association between Interleukin-6, serum albumin and psychological variables among hemodialysis patients in a tertiary care center.
Role of humour in perception of pain
The relationship between C-reactive protein and neuropsychological function in obesity
Relation of different levels of hemoglobin with cognitive function among elderly adults.
The influence of laughter, humor on pain perception among adolescence

13. Research Focus: Basic Experimental and Clinical Physiology
Assessment of antioxidant status and the oxidative stress in the seminal plasma of infertile men.
Study of fibrinogen level in various phases of menstrual cycle
Comparison of calcium levels in normal pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertension.
Study of fibrinogen level, and metabolic functions in postmenopausal women
A cross sectional study of memory among 50 to 65 year older adults with differing levels of hemoglobin
Prediction of lumbar disc herniation in symptomatic subjects by clinical analysis and its correlation with MRI findings
Analysis of the Relationship between blood indices and memory functions across normal parturition in primigravida