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Patents – 2 (Applied for patent):
  1. Dr. Priscilla Johnson - Generation Of Exposure Response Relationships For Short Term Health Effects Related To Ambient Air Pollution In Chennai City L-84026/2019
  2. Dr. Archana P Kumar - Evaluation of effectiveness of interactive teaching modalities for first year undergraduate students using e-modules L-83129/2019
  1. Research Ambassador  Award – Dr. Priscilla Johnson
  2. Research Mentor, Research Contribution Award & GHES Award – Dr. R Padmavathi
  3. Ph.D – Dr. Priscilla Johnson, Dr. Padmavathi R,  Dr. Archana P Kumar & Dr.Maheshkumar
  4. FAIMER fellows – Dr. Dilara K, Dr. Roopa S, Dr. Archana P Kumar & Dr. Abirami Omprakash
  5. Best Doctor Award – Dr. Roopa S
  6. Most Compassionate Doctor Award – Dr. Anbuselvan V
  7. Morris Fellowship Award – Ms. Lavanya S
  8. Several Best paper Awards – 60% of faculty 
  9. Research Mentor, Research Contribution Award, GHES Award & DST AWSAR award – Dr. R. Padmavathi
  10. ACME award – Dr.Padmavath.R, Dr.Dilara.K, Dr.Archana Prabukumar
  11. Best Mentor Award – Dr.Sheela Ravinder
  12. Dr.Natarajan Gold Medal Award – Dr. Shobana.R, Dr. Deepika.C
  13. ICMR TSS Scheme award – Dr.Deepika .C
  14. GATE award – Dr.Priscilla Johnson/Ms. Gowthami.B, Dr.Padmavathi/Dr.Mahesh kumar, Dr.Bagavad Geetha, Ms.Lavanya.S /Dr.Mahesh kumar, Ms.Lalitha.S
  15. Dr. Malligesan Gold Medal Award – Mrs.Lavanya .S