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About the Department / Program
The Department of Periodontology and Implantology, deals with the diseases affecting the foundational structures of the tooth (Gingiva, Periodontal ligament and Alveolar Bone) and therapeutic procedures to treat them. Academically the Department has many innovative teaching methods for both UGs & PGs. The Department believes in comprehending basic sciences and having a strong grip in fundamentals. It takes pride in encouraging students in developing their clinical skills with high state of the art equipment, thereby producing meritorious students to excel in their careers. The constant endeavor of the faculties to acquire knowledge motivates the undergraduates, post graduates and PhD scholars to be actively involved in research.

Clinically, both regenerative, periodontal aesthetic surgeries and implant procedures are carried out routinely. The post graduates are exposed to advanced equipments like Piezo and Electrosurgical unit, Laser, Periotron etc which very few colleges in India possess. Our Department has been awarded extramural projects to the tune of Rupees forty lakhs and conferred an international grant – “EURO PERIO Virtual presentation”.

This Department has a unique distinction of having successfully differentiated gingival mesenchymal stem cells into neuronal cells for the first time in India. It is the practice of the Department, that all teaching faculties upgrade their clinical skills and knowledge periodically by attending National and International Workshops. Various academic programs are conducted periodically for upgrading the scientific knowledge and skills of faculties and students.

Clinical services provided (Speciality work):
Scaling and Root planing
Periodontal Flap Surgery
Regenerative Surgery (Bone grafts &Membranes, Platelet Rich Plasma)
Periodontal Plastic & Esthetic Surgery (Soft Tissue Autografts, Papillary Augmentation, Gingival De-Pigmentation)
Smile Designing (Esthetic Crown Lengthening, Lip-Repositioning)
Dental Implants

The Department is a part of the Medical University and provides speciality care for non ambulatory patients.