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Publications by the staff
Publication 2014-2019
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Awards for Publications:
Merit Award by Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research given for High Impact factor publications 

1. Rao SR, BalajiTM ,Prakash PS , LavuV Elevated levels of cyclooxygenase 1&2 in human cyclosporine induced gingival overgrowth-ELISA & IHC study. Prostaglandins And Lipid Mediators 2014 113-115 69-74 Pubmed 

2. Raghunanthan J,LavuV,Suresh R Comparison of the proportion of non classical (CD14+ CD16+) monocytes/macrophages in peripheral blood and gingiva of healthy individuals and chronic periodontitis patients Journal of Periodontology 2014 Vol.85(6) 852-58 Pubmed 

3. Anjana R, Joseph L, Suresh R. Immunohistochemical localization of CD1a and S100in gingivaltissues in health and chronic periodontitis. Oral Diseases 2012 18 778-785 Pubmed