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Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

Conferences organized by the department
Conferences/ CDE programs Conducted:
  1. Pedosphere-39th National Conference of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry at SRU 14th  - 17th Sept 2017.
  2.  “MI Dentistry” on 26.08.16
  3.  Management of neonatal tongue tie, Role of CBCT and conservation of bone during removal of deep impacted tooth on 08.08.16
  4.  Age assessment in dentistry on 07.05.14
  5. PAED-DENT 2013 on 30.11.13
  6. A day with Prof. Nigel King on 18.9.12

1. ICDAS on 16. 03.16 by Dr. Ankita and Dr. Jean 

Guest Lectures:
1. Introduction to Forensic Odontology/History of Forensic Sciences on 03.06.15 by Dr. Balamurugan
2. M-Paed dent on 13.07.15 by Dr. Sharmila
3. Early Childhood Caries on 27.07.15 by Dr. Kirthiga
4. Finishing and Polishing of Composite Restorations on 11. 03.16 by Dr. Chakravarthy
5. Rotary endodontics by Dr. Gogulnath on 19.8.16
Hands on Training
1. Restoring Primary Teeth, The Zirconia Way – Sparkle the Pearls on 24. 02.16 by Dr. Harsh and Dr. M.S. Muthu.
2. Digital Dental Photography- Basic Module on 25-04-2018 by Dr. Praveen.