About the Department

The Department of Paediatric Surgery was started in the month of December 1986. Professor T. K. Subramaniam was the first Professor and HOD of this department. Dr. H. R. Shanbhogue was his associate until 1989. Professor Meera Bai after her superannuation from the Andhra Service department took over by as Professor & HOD of this department from 1989 till 1991. From 1991, the department was taken over by Professor H. R. Shanbhogue who was elevated as Professor of Paediatric Surgery in 1995. From then on the department under his valuable guidance has expanded to the present level of starting a super specialty degree course. Professor R. K. Bagdi joined the department as HOD from December 1st, 2004 and was associated till 2008. After his joining, the department got recognition for M.Ch. (Paediatric Surgery) course. The 1st candidate joined from April 2006. The 2nd candidate joined from April 2007. The 3rd candidate joined from April 2008. All the candidates have successfully completed their course and well placed in various parts of India and Abroad.
There are a total of 30 beds for Paediatric Surgery. This includes 15 general beds, catering up to 12-year age group and 5 larger beds for adolescent patients in the age group of 12-18 years.
The department performs about 500 surgeries per year and has outpatient strength of approximately 4000 per year. Most of the surgery includes Newborn surgeries, Paediatric Urology, Laparoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Tumour surgery, Paediatric Trauma and Hepatobiliary.
Dr. S. Balagopal joined the department in 1997 after M.S. (General Surgery) and worked for two years as a tutor. Then he completed his M.Ch (Paediatric Surgery) between 1999-2001 and rejoined as Assistant Professor in March 2001. He got promoted to Associate Professor in 2005. He took over s HOD from 2008 -2013. He is presently Professor in the department of Paediatric Surgery.
Dr. Prakash Agarwal joined the department in July 2005. After completing his M.Ch degree course from Mumbai University, he went to do his fellowship in Paediatric minimally invasive surgery from Australia and New Zealand. He was promoted as an Associate Prof. in November 2006. He was promoted to Professor in 2010. He is presently the Head of the Department.
Dr. R. Madhu joined the department in 1999 after M.S. (General Surgery) and worked for eight months as a tutor. Then, he completed his M.Ch (Paediatric Surgery) between 2000-2002 and rejoined as Assistant Professor in February 2004. He was promoted as an Associate Prof. in 2007.
Dr. P. Balamourougane joined the department in September 2004 after completing his M.Ch. degree course from AIIMS, New Delhi. He joined the department as Assistant Professor in 2004 and he was promoted as an Associate Professor in 2007.