About the Department

Ours is a team of experienced medical oncologists armed with world class infrastructure who offer chemotherapy treatment for a wide variety of solid tumors. Patients receive day care chemotherapy in the security of Hepafiltered pressure control rooms with strict asepsis control where the chemo drugs are reconstituted in a dedicated Biological Safety cabinet under Laminar hood. The Hospital is also equipped with ICU facility  for managing patients with chemotherapy related side effects.


  • Chemotherapy and biological therapy ( Targeted agents and monoclonal antibodies) offered for adult solid tumors
  • Treatment based on standard international protocols.
  • Dedicated day care facility, general wards and private rooms available
  • Dedicated Biological safety cabinet facility for reconstituting chemotherapy drugs.
  • All rooms are Hepafiltered pressure controlled with strict asepsis control.
  • Procedures such as Bone Marrow biopsy and Intra thecal chemotherapy done.
  • ICU facilities available for supportive care for chemotherapy related complications.
  • Blood bank with apharesis and Peripheral stem cell transplant capability.