About the Department

Emergencies can't wait. Neither should you.


Department of Emergency Medicine was started in the Year 2000


We provide care for more than 25000 patients annually.


The acuity of your ailment is rightly prioritized based on a 5 level triage assessment and hence the Golden hour is never missed. The Department provides 24 x7 comprehensive Medical & Surgical care to all victims with acute illness.


The department provides a comprehensive emergency service to all patients presenting to the department on a 24 x7 basis. The department accepts all patients for treatment and follows the Australasian Triage system (ATS). 


It caters for both Adult, Geriatric and Pediatric patients.


The department provides resuscitation, stabilization, pain management and transfer of critically ill patients. The department provides disaster care to the community in the event of a Major Incident.


The EM is an active clinical learning environment as evidenced by the program for physicians (Emergency Medicine) and an integrated paramedic training program.


The emergency department at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre provides treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Understanding that in an emergency, time is of essence, our emergency department remains committed to the rapid assessment and management of such patients.


Our 24-hour emergency care area is staffed by trained emergency physicians and other health care professionals who are well prepared to handle critical care patients at any time. From minor cuts and sprains to severe symptoms of stroke or heart attack, our staff is committed to stabilizing and treating all patients who walk through our doors.