About the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ramachandra hospital started in the year 1985. Today, we cater to the medical needs of 1.4 lakh women as outpatient and 11,000 women as inpatient annually. The outpatient services are offered from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.
Maternal Care For Pregnant Mothers
Regular antenatal care is offered for pregnant women. Focused care is given for high-risk Pregnancies. A dedicated Feto Maternal Unit provides quality care. Facilities include targeted ultrasound, prenatal screening, Chronic villous Sampling, amniocentesis, intrauterine fetal transfusion, selective fetal reduction.
State-of-the-art labour rooms are manned 24x7 by a qualified experienced team of doctors, nurses and paramedics, supported by a team of anesthetists and neonatologist who provide 24*7 in-house services. Adolscent care is give in collaboration with gynec endocrinologist. Our blood bank plays a very crucial role in obstetrics emergencies.  The department handles many complicated referrals in obstetrics and gynecology Availability of 24 hours expertise for uterine artery embolisation makes a difference in the management of acute postpartum hemorrhage. Our hospitals “Suite” delivery system offers sophistication and utmost comfort to the laboring mother and is a featured specialty which no other hospital offers in Chennai.Painless labor by epidural analgesia is provided by our anesthetists  round the clock. The new borns are ushered into this world by our neonatologist who are the best in Asia. Sri Ramachandra center for perinatal excellence (SCOPE) offers genetic counseling and Perinatal care for certain high-risk pregnancy. It includes a group of specialists from Obstetrics, Feto maternal unit, Neonatology, Genetics, Pediatric urology, Pediatric cardiology, Pediatric surgery, and Pediatric nephrology.
                               Our services for women spread from catering to the needs of adolescent girls to the elderly women. Adolescent care is given with collaboration with the gynaec endocrinologist. In addition to the regular treatment for gynecologic problems of women, ”no scar” options like thermal ablation of the endometrium, for patients with bleeding problems, are offered. Uterine artery embolization for fibroid uterus has relieved many women from the woes of fibroids. Our centre offers the best “key hole” surgical options for gynec and fertility problems.
                               Urinary leakage in women is handled very sensitively by our team of uro-gynaecologists. Medical therapy, physiotherapy and sling surgeries offer excellent relief. Family welfare services include counseling, Sterilization – Open as well as Laparoscopy, IUCD, proximal tubal canulation, tubal micro surgery. Menopausal problems are addressed  with special focus on endocrine and oncological screening.
Oncology screening for cervical cancer like pap smear & colposcopy along with detection & treatment of endometrial, ovarian, vulval cancers is done on daily basis. Complete oncology services are offered by a team of gynecologists, surgical oncologists, and medical oncologists.