Department Of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

Department of Arthroscopy And Sports Medicine was started in the Year 2005. This department is one of its kind in South India with advanced medical care to athletes and the general population suffering from ailments of joints. It is also actively involved in Research in the field of chondrocyte culture to treat the joint ailments.
We provide care for more than 400 inpatients and 4000 outpatients annually.
Arthroscopic surgery and Sports Medicine Services are provided with very high standards meeting the international clinical protocols under the guidance of experts. Fully equipped operation theatres with state of the art imported equipment and instruments for conducting all advanced arthroscopic surgeries of Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Hip, Elbow and wrist joints.
A Sports Medicine Centre has been built incorporating a state of the art Biomechanics Lab with VICON Cameras, Force plates and Wireless EMG for Human movement analysis. An air-conditioned Multipurpose Indoor Hall with artificial lighting and synthetic turf will cater to different training and testing for various sports. A proposed Centre for Excellence in Cricket will cater to cricket players at all levels to analyse and improve their fitness and skills.
The Centre has a world class Gym and a High-Performance Centre. An Olympic standard indoor swimming pool with a separate Hydrotherapy pool, Exercise Physiology Labs with VO2 max analyser and Isokinetic Dynamometer complement the other facilities of the centre.
The Sports Rehabilitation facility is equipped with the latest gadgets and physiotherapy equipment to rehabilitate injured athletes expeditiously. A team of fully trained physiotherapists are available to carry out specialized treatment techniques like Manual Therapy for Myofascial Trigger Points, Cryotherapy and low impact exercises using Medicine ball.
Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology specialists give the extra edge to the athletes and also to people who seek professional help for weight management. A built in Sports Cafe will dish out scientifically designed and nutritious diet and snacks for the sporting and exercising persons who throng our centre.