About the Department

The department of psychiatry was created in 1987 under the leadership of its very first head (name) with the purpose of giving state-of-the-art evidence-based clinical and welfare services for our patients ailing from various psychiatric illnesses. We are proud to say that we cater to around 30,000 patients annually. The department strongly believes in the tradition of creating a learning community grounded on principles of critical thinking, individualism and proficiency. Apart from post graduates in psychiatry, the department is also involved in imparting psychiatric training to undergraduates, and post graduates in general medicine, community medicine and forensic medicine. The team also has active participation in the training of students enrolled in the disciplines of psychology, social work, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy and other allied health sciences. Research is integral for any branch of science and we take pride in our faculty who are involved in numerous projects transcending departmental, institutional and even geographical barriers. We firmly believe that psychiatric services are not to be limited to the outpatient and inpatient services alone.  To fulfil our community commitment, we conduct various out-reach programmes with the purpose of promoting the community mental health at grass root levels and to raise awareness about mental health and associated illnesses.