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Geriatric Care Clinic (GCC)

About the Department

Geriatric Care Clinic (GCC) is a pioneering attempt in SRMC to address the problems unique to the older adults, be it physical, psychological, or social, associated with aging. It is as a one-stop center for comprehensive care for individuals above the age of 50 in a multi-disciplinary setting. Any person above the age of 50 years can walk-in for the GCC expert consultation and opinion in an outpatient setting

GCC has special focus on memory disorders like Alzheimer’s Dementia & other types of dementias, as well as Neuro-psychiatric manifestations of disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury etc.

Who can be referred?
  • Patients 50 years and above attending any specialist services in SRMC with comorbid psychological & / or psycho-social issues or cognitive impairment
  • Inpatients in the hospital with co-morbid physical and psychological problems
  • Patients from the community who needs expert evaluation of their psychological and cognitive functioning, referred through their GP.
  • Individuals can also present directly to the GCC outpatient clinic.
Any persons with following conditions /indications can walk-in
  • Disability & Age related decline in muscle strength, vision, hearing, locomotion, nutrition and immunity.
  • Psycho-somatic disorders
  • Medical and Neurology patients with Co-morbid Psychiatric illnesses
  • Memory disturbances/behavior changes
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Family stressors/interpersonal difficulties
  • Elderly patients with chronic medical/surgical problems at risk for psychological disorders/distress.

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Geriatric Care Technology
Under B.Sc. (Hons) Allied Health Sciences Degree Program

The 1st time full-fledged / full time Undergraduate course in Geriatric Care Technology (GCT) under B.Sc. (Hons) Allied Health Sciences started in the year 2019. The Geriatric Care Technology (GCT) curriculum has been developed keeping Indian realities in mind, particularly that large mass of senior citizens live in rural or semi rural areas. They have strong regional and cultural affinities. Health practices and care-giving practices vary from community to community and region to region. While holding on to the universal principles of Geriatric Care, the curriculum also needs to provide for diversity such that the senior citizen finds herself / himself comfortable with the care-giving that is provided.

Educational Objectives:

Goal of the Degree in Geriatric Care:
To generate a cadre of skilled and compassionate geriatric care workers who will provide services in hospitals, old age homes, organizations/institutions of elderly and within any other institution which intends to move into the provision of geriatric care services

Objectives of the Course in Geriatric Care:
The Educational Objectives are as follows:

  • To offer a comprehensive interdisciplinary human perspective in provision of geriatric care.
  • To inculcate a holistic understanding of the medical, biological, socio-economic and legal issues involved in the care and rehabilitation of Older Adults
  • To equip students with direct skills (medical and social) required for the care of Older Adults in the family as well as the institutional settings
About the Department
About the Department
About the Department
About the Department