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Doctor Profile - Dr. C.Ravindran

Senior Consultant & Hocs
Dr. C.Ravindran



Area(s) of Specialization:

Trauma,Maxillofacial Pathology,TMJ Disorders,Oral Implantology


  • 24 Years of Experience

Consultation days:

Monday, Friday, By Appointment only

Consultation Time:

8.00 am to 4.00 pm

For Appointment, Call:

044-45928500 EXT: 8259

Fellowships / Memberships:

  • Life Member – AOMSI
  • Member – International Association of Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgeons
  • National Faculty in AOCMF
  • Life Member of AOMSI
  • Member of SOLA
  • Life Member of IDA
  • Member Academic Council, SRU
  • Member –MSEC, SRU


  1. Dentists’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Treating Patients Taking Oral Antithrombotic Medications – A Survey :Ravindran Chinnaswami, Ritvi K Bagadia,, Anusha Mohan ,EswarKandaswamy, DeepakChandrasekaran; Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2017 Jan, Vol-11(1): ZC88-ZC91.
  2. Intraoral neurilemmoma of mental nerve mimicking as traumatic fibroma: An unusual presentation - A case report and literature review:C Ravindran, Pearlcid Siroraj, C Deepak, Malathi Narasimhan; Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology | Volume 21 | Issue 1 | January - April 2017
  3. “Histiocytosis X" – A Rare Case Report:Emmanuel Dhiravia Sargunam Azariah, Deepak Chandrasekaran, Ravindran Chinnaswami, Sivaramakrishnan Balasubramaniam, Eswari Jagdish,: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Oct, Vol-10(10): ZD19-ZD22.
  4. Use Of C-Arm To Assess Reduction Of ZygomaticComplex Fractures: A Comparative Study:Atmakuru Venkata Maheedhar,C. Ravindran, Emmanuel D. S. Azariah, Cranial Maxillofac Trauma Reconstruction ,DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1592085.
  5. Use Of Ultrasound As A Screening Tool In The Maxillofacial Fractures: Sreeram M P, Rupesh Mandava, Sreeram M P, C Ravindran, Elengkumaran: MedPulse – International Medical Journal, ISSN: 2348-2516, EISSN: 2348-1897, Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2016 pp 573-577 .
  6. Gorlin Goltz Syndrome – An Atypical Case Report:Dr. Deepak, C. 1Dr. Emmanuel Dhiravia Sargunam,  Dr.Ravindran, C. and  Dr. Malathi, N. International Journal of Information Research and Review Vol. 03, Issue, 03, pp. 1939-1942 March, 2016
  7. Use Of C-Arm In Assessing The Innominate Line (Zygomaticosphenoid Suture) In Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures: Emmanuel Dhiravia Sargunam A., Deepak, C., Maheeder, V, Ravindran, C. International Journal of Current ResearchVol 8, Issue, 09, pp.38124-38125, September, 2016.
  8. Modified Reharmann Flap – A Novel Flap Technique For Root Retrieval From Maxillary Sinus: Deepak, C., Eswari Jagdish, Senthoor Pandian, Shanthi, K. and Ravindran, C.International Journal of Current Research Vol. 8, Issue, 05, pp.31197-31200, May, 2016
  9. Non Infiltrating Angiolipoma of the Palate in Geriatric Patient: A Case Report with Review of Literature: DeepakChandrasekaran, Ravindran Chinnaswami, Malathi Narasimhan, Annie Evangelin Nithia Kumar, Parthasarathy Natarajan; Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Jan, Vol-10(1): ZD01-ZD02.
  10. Vertical Alveolar Ridge Augmentation by Distraction Osteogenesis: Rajat Mohanty, N.Nanda Kumar, C.Ravindran: JCDR, Dec 2015; Vol-9(12): ZC43-ZC46.
  11. Giant cell tumor of the mandible : G V V Giri, Gheena Sukumaran, C Ravindran, Malathi Narasimman: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology :Vol 19 Issue 1 ,Jan- Apr 2015 .
  12. Cartilaginous Choristoma of the Gingiva : A Rare Clinical Entity : Ramalingam Suganya , Narasimhan Malathi, Subramani Vijaya Nirmala. Chinnaswami Ravindran and Harikrishnan Thamizhchelvan : Craniomaxillofac Trauma Reconstruction : Case Reports in Dentistry :December 2014


Co Authored - Genioplasty Versatility of Horizontal Osteotomy,ISBN NO : 978-3-8443-2424-2,2011 , Ist Edition,Lambert Academic Publishing

Awards and Honours:

  • Jan 2016- DCI Inspector ,Nagpur Dental College.
  • Oct 2016 – Chairperson , 10th World Cleft Congress 2016
  • Jan 2015-Moderator –IV Eurasian Head & Neck Cancer Forum , Chennai
  • Jan 2015- DCI Inspector : Kannimeni Dental College ,Nalgonda 

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