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Doctor Profile - Dr. S. Hari Hara Sudhan

Dr. S. Hari Hara Sudhan



Area(s) of Specialization:

Endourology, Laparoscopic Urology, Reconstructive urethral surgery, Renal Transplantation, Uro Oncology, Female Urology.


6 Years After PG
Junior Consultant in Urology Department, SSSIHMS, Puttaparthi -1 Year
Assistant Professor – SRMC, Porur.from 30/06/2014 to 31/12/2016
Associate Professor – SRMC, Porur from 01/01/2017 till date.

Consultation days:

Wednesday and Saturday. Other days, on Prior Online Appointment

Consultation Time:

8.00am to 4.00pm

For Appointment, Call:

044-45928543 EXT: 530

Fellowships / Memberships:

  • Member of Urological Society of India
  • Member of Urological Society of South India
  • Member of Urological association of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry chapter
  • Life Member of Madras Urological Society.
  • Life Member of Asoociation of Surgeons of India.
  • Life Member of IAGES
  • Life Member of AMASI
  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association - TRIPLICANE, Chennai.


  • Tunica Vaginalis flap is superior to inner preputial dartos flap as a waterproofing layer for primary TIP repair in midshaft hypospadias, Journal of Pediatric Urology (2012), j.jpurol.2012.10.022 
  • Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma (LELC) of the Kidney Presenting as Non Functioning Kidney – A Case Report Austin J Urol - Volume 2 Issue 1 – 2015
  • Supracostal Punctures for PCNL: Factors that Predict Safety, Success and Stone Free Rate in Stag Horn and Non Stag Horn Stones: A Single Centre Experience and Review of Literature. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016 Sep, Vol-10(9): PC17-PC21.
  • Analysis of Outcomes of Surgical Treatment for Varicocele in Primary Infertility Based on Seminal Parameters and Pregnancy Rate. International Journal of Scientific Study July 2016 Vol 4 Issue 4 205-210
  • Medical Expulsive Therapy in Acute Colic are We Justified? - The Open Urology & Nephrology Journal, 2014, 7, 60-63
  • Spontaneous Rupture of Urinary Bladder (SRUB) in a Young Male, Presenting as Anuria – A Case Report and Review of Literature. The Open Urology & Nephrology Journal, 2014, 7, 64-66
  • Posterior urethra: Anterior urethra ratio in the evaluation of success following PUV ablation. J Pediatr Urol. 2016 Jun 15. pii: S1477-5131(16)30120-6
  • Posterior urethral valve with urinary ascites. Sri Ramachandra Journal of Medicine, Jul - Dec 2011, Vol.4, Issue 2 33 – 36
  • Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma in a Horse Shoe Kidney Masquerading as Giant Hydronephrosis – A Case Report: Diagnostic Challenges, Lessons Learnt and Review of Literature. J Clin Diagn Res 2016 Nov 1;10(11):PD12-PD14.
  • Urodynamic Evaluation in Men Over 50 Years with Diabetes Mellitus and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms – A Single Center Experience. Austion journal of Urology.
  • Rare Presentation of Angiomyolipoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma in a Young Male Child with Tuberous Sclerosis - A Case Report and Review of Literature. IJSS July 2017.     


  • Role of Gnrh Analogue in large gland TURP (>70gm).
  • Post TURP Strictures
  • Complication of TURP - Audit
  • Unusual presentations of penile shaft garotting: A review of 3 rare cases
  • Role Parasacral TENS in children with voiding Dysfunction.

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Direct:044-45928543 (8am-2pm) Board:044-45928500

Ext.no.530 / 8893

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