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Emergency Medicine

About the Department / Program
Department of   Emergency Medicine deals with life-threatening emergencies, such as:
1.  Acute coronary syndrome, Stroke, Seizures, Anaphylaxis 
2.  Polytrauma, Head Injury, Abdominal Injury, Pelvic Injury
3.  Toxicological Emergencies – Poisoning, Snake Bite, Drug overdose.,
4.  Obstetric and Pediatric Emergencies
5.  Management of Mass casualty incidents.
6.  Psychiatric Emergencies

Our facility is a high-tech 24/7 Emergency care center which caters to all emergencies including geriatric, pediatric and psychiatric patients.

3.Clinical services provided (Specialty work)
1. Disaster Preparedness
2. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
3. Quality Improvement and Safety
4. Resuscitation and Critical Care
5. Point of Care Testing
Awards for clinical work
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