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About the Department / Program
The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 1985. It is spread over three wings occupying 1700 sq.mt. The department faculties handle three core areas – teaching, clinical work and research. Small group teachings can be done in four tutorial halls present in two wings, with varying seating capacities from 75 to 90. The practical hall measuring 550sq.m has 22 worktables which can accomodate 132 students at a time. There is a separate research lab with adequate infrastructure and equipments utilized by postgraduate students, PhD scholars and faculties. 

Thrust areas for research in the department are obesity, diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, hypertension, chronic renal failure and medical education.

Clinical biochemistry laboratory, a section of Sri Ramachandra Laboratory Services (SRLS), is situated in the first floor of hospital building, where service is provided for 24hours of the day. It is equipped with state of the art equipments and handles around 2000 samples per day. Faculties are posted round the clock to monitor the quality control program, conduct delta check and release the reports. The laboratory also participates in external quality control program. SRLS is accredited by NABL since 2007. 

Goals: The Department of Biochemistry will promote higher values in education, health care delivery and research. The faculty will strive hard keeping the society in mind to meet excellence in all the areas without compromising ethics and professionalism. 

  • Acquire knowledge of the basics and the applied aspects of various areas of Biochemistry
  • Acquire skills in teaching medical and paramedical professionals 
  • Ability to create interest in research
  • Ability to handle various equipments, monitor and release the results in the clinical chemistry laboratory
  • Acquire interpersonal and communication skills to interact with colleagues, physicians, patients and their relatives