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Transfusion Medicine

About the Department / Program
The Department of Transfusion medicine is located in an area of around 8000 sq. ft. and is considered state of the art providing an adequate infrastructure for various activities related to ImmunoHaematology and blood transfusion.

The MD course in Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion was started in the year 2010 with an annual intake of 2 students and the course was recognized in the year 2013.

Donor comfort is foremost in our minds and hence utmost care is provided to them before, during and after donation.  The same is well exemplified in the donor waiting lounge, bleeding room and refreshment area. Donor is monitored throughout the blood collection process.

Screening is the first part of the blood processing system. We have two automated instruments dedicated for the purpose thereby ensuring safe blood.

Almost hundred percent of blood that is  collected is separated in to components - Packed Red Blood Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet Concentrates and Cryoprecipitate.  Equipments for preparation and storage of blood and components at appropriate temperatures are available.  This ensures optimal utilization of donor blood.

The Immunohaematology lab is well equipped with a semi-automated platform that uses the Gel technology. An antibody screen is undertaken on all patient’s samples along with the cross match.  A lot of care is given to the blood grouping procedure and steps are taken to test, check and re check all samples that are received.  Mix ups are prevented through the use of a good labeling system.

The department is equipped with two cell separators (for Apheresis).  This instrument enables collection of single donor platelets and peripheral blood stem cells. Therapeutic plasma exchange is also carried out by apheresis. Facilities for gamma irradiation of cellular blood components is available.

We do hundreds of Lymphocytotoxic cross matches (CDC), a procedure carried out before kidney transplantation.

Our department has rooms earmarked for a library cum seminar room, Post Graduate Study room and research lab