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About the Department / Program
Sub-specialty liver clinics were started in 2004, ever since there has been gradual rise in the number of in-patient admissions with chronic liver diseases, referrals from allied specialties and attending emergency services on all days. Hepatology as an independent department was started in mid-2018 with regular liver clinics in outpatient department, along with specialty clinics. Liver transplant was introduced in the year 2015, till date more than 50 cadaveric liver transplants have been successfully done, with 100% survival.

What in the specialty
Hepatology Dept. provides consultations for
  1. Pediatric liver disease (especially metabolic liver disease and cholestatic jaundice).
  2. Acute liver Failure
  3. Acute-on-chronic liver failure
  4. Cirrhosis liver with its associated complications (bleed, fluid accumulation, kidney dysfunction, altered sensorium).
  5. Prolonged jaundice
  6. Infiltrative disorders of liver
  7. Hepatocellular carcinoma
  8. Secondaries in Liver
  9. Metabolic liver disease like Wilson Disease
  10. Diabetes and liver related complication
  11. Liver Transplants

Clinical Services Provided
Liver Clinic:Every day from 8am - 4pm

Specialized Clinics for patients with liver and biliopancreatic diseases
Jaundice clinic – Monday
Fatty Liver clinic – Tuesday
Viral hepatitis clinic – Wednesday
Alcohol liver clinic – Thursday
Liver Tumors clinic – Friday
Liver Transplant clinic – Saturday