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About the Department / Program
The Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine provides comprehensive clinical care to all surgical specialties including cardiac anesthesia, neuro anesthesia, anesthesia for organ transplantation, labor analgesia and acute/chronic pain service in 35 operating rooms and 5 other offsite locations.

On an average we provide anesthesia for 80 surgical procedures per day under various modalities like General anesthesia, subarachnoid block, Epidural anesthesia, Regional nerve block (USG and nerve locater guided), TIVA, MAC and conscious sedation.

The Department of Anesthesiology at SRMC looks forward to providing you with safe and effective anesthesia care of the highest standard and quality. This web site is intended to give you the information you may need before coming to the hospital and to answer any questions you may have about the Department of Anesthesiology at SRMC.

About Us  For Patients :
Welcome to the Department of Anesthesiology at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre. Our mission is to deliver timely, compassionate and state of art clinical care, to guide the future development of our discipline, to train the next generation of leaders in Anesthesiology, and to facilitate ground-breaking discoveries in clinical, translational, and basic research. The department caters to the entire surgical service that includes various specialties besides provision of acute & chronic pain medicine services.

The department of anesthesiology was established in the year 1984 and has since then developed into a centre of excellence in providing quality clinical care. The department takes pride in possessing an erudite faculty with a total strength of 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 6 assistant professors and 15 senior residents. Good majorities of the faculty have qualified from premier institutes in the country and have vast experience in the field of anesthesia.  We provide anesthesia care for broad surgical specialties and super specialties in operating rooms which are fully equipped with state of art facilities.

We  provide complete anesthesia care to the entire surgical service that includes Obstetric and Gynecology, ENT, Paediatric and Neonatal surgery, General surgery, Orthopedics, Vascular surgery, Urology, Surgical Gastroenterology, Plastic surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Neuro surgery, Organ transplantation, Oromaxillofacial  surgery, Ophthalmology. The patients range from a few hours old neonate to patients older than 90 years under ASA physical status criteria from I to VI.

We provide clinical services at various remote locations include anesthesia for the procedures in cardiac catheterization laboratory, interventional neuroradiology suite, CT and USG guided procedures, procedure done in MRI room, gastro endoscopic and bronchoscopic procedures, anaesthesia for ESWL and labor analgesia.  Besides providing anesthesia, the department also runs a pre operative assessment clinic and 24 hours pain management services that caters to the needs of post operative patients and patients with chronic pain.

Anesthesia services are available for both elective and emergency surgical procedures by a group of faculty comprising Senior Consultants, Associate Consultants, Consultants and Assistant Physicians. We investigate new ideas via clinical research studies to develop a working environment that enhances the clinical and academic strength of our faculty to provide comprehensive anesthesia care and pain services.

This Web site is intended to give you the information you may need before coming to the hospital and to answer any questions you may have about the Department of Anesthesiology at The SRMC Hospital.