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Bone Marrow Aspiration

Name of the procedure : Bone Marrow Aspiration.

Purpose of the procedure : To obtain marrow (core of the bone from where blood cells are produced).

General Information about the procedure : This procedure is done to get sample of bone marrow for analysis. Usually this procedure is done as a second line test after examining the blood. If there is a problem in the peripheral blood, and diagnosis cannot reached from the blood test, bone marrow is done to confirm the diagnosis.

Bone marrow is usually done for blood disorders like anaemia, decreased white blood cells, decreased platelets, or abnormal increase in the above cells. It is also done to rule out or confirm haematological (blood) malignancies. Bone marrow is also done to confirm certain infection like typhoid fever, malaria, kalaazar etc.

When and where will the procedure be done and how long will it take? This procedure is done usually as an in-patient, during any time of the day.

Preparation : The area of the body where the procedure has to be done should be cleaned and hair should be removed. Patient need not be on empty stomach. Informed consent has to be taken.

Description of the procedure : Usually sternum (chest bone) or posterior ileac spine (hip bone on the back) is selected. Rarely tibial tuberosity (below the kneecap) is selected. Skin over the site is cleaned with antiseptic solution. Local anaesthetic agent is injected to decrease the pain and with the help of specialized aspiration needle, the outer layer of the bone is pierced and marrow aspirated. The pain is usual when aspiration is done.

Potential Risks, if any : Pain is usually present. If sternum is selected for aspiration, then there is a potential risk of injuring the underlying major blood vessel. But with due precaution this risk is very low. If iliac bone is selected there is no major risk involved, as there is no major structure underlying the bone. However in this method, bone marrow sample may not be adequate sometimes.

Instruction after the procedure : Patient to be in bed rest for at least 6 to 12 hours. If the procedure is done in the iliac bone pt. should avoid walking for at least one day. To keep the procedure site clean.

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