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Doctor Profile - Dr. Suvarna Jyothi Kantipudi

Dr. Suvarna Jyothi Kantipudi


MBBS, D.P.M, M.D (Psychiatry)

Area(s) of Specialization:

Deaddiction services-Alcohol, Tobacco and Opioids , Noninvasive brain stimulation services-Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) , Psychotherapy services-Cognitive beahvioural therapy, Mindfulness therapy, Marital and Sexual therapy etc.., Adult Psychiatric services , Women wellness services


11 Years of Experience

Consultation days:

Monday to Saturday

Consultation Time:

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For Appointment, Call:

044-24768027 EXT: 8214/426

Fellowships / Memberships:


  • World  Psychiatry Association (WPA)
  • Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS)
  • Indian Association of Social Psychiatry (IASP)
  • Chennai Psychiatric Society (CPS)


  • Indian Psychiatric society-NIMHANS fellowship in Non-invasive brain stimulation
  • techniques
  • World association of social psychiatry early career fellowship


  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Schizophrenia in India: Evidence, Gaps, and Way Forward. Frontiers in Psychiatry. 2021 ;12:639295. 
  • Homelessness and Mental Illness:Views from Early Carrer Psychiatrists from Multiple Asian Countries World social psychiatry 2020;2:196-200.
  • Delirium in an unwell elderly patient-Psychiatrist in palliative care -Vol 2 Issue 2(2019): Indian Journal of Mental Health and Neurosciences.
  • Crossroads in Postgraduate Psychiatry training in India-Vol 2 Issue 2(2019): Indian Journal of Mental Health and Neurosciences.
  • Antenatal Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in a Tertiary Hospital in South India. Indian J Psychol Med. 2020;42:1–6
  • Effect of Olanzapine on Metabolic Syndrome- A One Year Follow-up Study. Journal of Clinical and  Diagnostic Research. 2020 Jun;14(6).
  • Sexual dysfunction and marital functioning in women with schizophrenia in comparision with caregivers-A hospital based study.Journal of Psychosexual Health,2020,vol. 2, 1: pp. 87-92. 
  • Occurrence and Motives Associated with Relapse after a De-addiction Treatment in Men with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome in a Tertiary Care Hospital- A Cross-sectional Study,Journal of clinical and diagnostic research, 2020,April:Volume 14,Issue 4.
  • A protocol of a cross sectional study to assess depression in antenatal mothers-Vol 2 No1 (2019): Indian Journal of Mental Health and Neurosciences.
  • A rare case report of alektorophobia in an adult male-Annals of Indian Psychiatry Year: 2018Vol 2 Issue 2
  • Prevalence of Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India-JMSCR Volume 06 Issue 10 October 2018.
  • The dementia epidemic: Impact, prevention, and challenges for India –Indian J Psychiatry Volume 60, Issue 2, April-June2018.
  • CyclicalVomiting syndrome in an Adult A case report-med ej Journal- Dr.MGR university, Chennai (2014 January)
  • Audit on adherence to treatment in patients suffering from Bipolar affective disorder-CMC Quality Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2014.
  • Registration of clinical trials in India: Guest article-Cancer News October 2009.




  1. Deaddiction services-Alcohol, Tobacco and Opioids
  2. Noninvasive brain stimulation services-Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
  3. Psychotherapy services-Cognitive beahvioural therapy, Mindfulness therapy, Marital and Sexual therapy etc..
  4. Adult Psychiatric services
  5. Women wellness services


A study on effectiveness of integrated clinical and behavioral interventions for cardiovascular risk management among patients with serious mental disorders in psychiatric outpatient settings: A multi-centric randomized controlled trial (ICMR Extramural grant ID: 2019-2558)



  1. Chennai Life Time Lithium Response Study (GATE Project grant)
  2. Effect of Yoga integrated pulmonary rehabilitation programme in improving functional capacity in stable COPD – a multicenter study (Indian Chest society grant)
  3. Effectiveness of Logotherapy of Bio-Psycho-Social outcome in patients with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome admitted in Psychiatric Ward(GATE Project grant)
  4. Sleep quality and its relation to internet addiction in undergraduate medical students(Summer research grant)
  5. Sexual dysfunction in antipsychotic naïve females with psychosis(Intramural grant)
  6. C Reactive Protein(CRP) as a biomarker for treatment resistant Major Depressive Disorder(MDD).(SRIHER) (Summer research grant)
  7. Depression in persons with Diabetes Mellitus and its association with glycemic control. (SRIHER)    (Summer research grant)


Awards and Honours:

  • Prathibha scholarship award of excellence for SSC (Andhra Pradesh state) -2000
  • Gold medal in Pharmacology during MBBS in Andhra Medical College-2005
  • Dr.MGR university gold medal for best outgoing student of D.P.M -2012
  • Florence Nichols Prize in DPM for best outgoing student in CMC-2012
  • A.S.Johnson  Memorial Gold Medal in Schizophrenia for post graduate student in CMC-2013
  • Dr.Rose Chacko Prize in MD Psychiatry for best outgoing student in CMC-2014
  • Indian Psychiatric society travel fellowship -2018
  • Early career psychiatrist award-World association of social psychiatry -2019
  • Must Enrich Research Grant for Psychiatry Teachers-Indian teachers of Psychiatry-2020
  • Psychiatric Research infrastructure for implementation and intervention medium term training fellowship-University of Pittsburgh-2021
  • Morris Global health fellowship for Public Health advancement in India-University of California,Berkeley-2021

Other Consultants in Psychiatry


Direct: 044-45928578 (8am-4pm)
Board: 044-45928500

Ext.no.426 / 448

Map & Direction