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Doctor Profile - Dr. V. Sushma

Associate Consultant
Dr. V. Sushma


MBBS, MD ( Psychiatry)

Area(s) of Specialization:

General Adult Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychotherapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Deaddiction services.


11 Years of Experience 

Consultation days:

Monday to Saturday

Consultation Time:

8 a.m to 4 p.m

For Appointment, Call:

044-45928578 EXT: 426

Fellowships / Memberships:

  • Member of Chennai Psychiatric Society


  • A case of Depersonalisation with psychosis” – e journal - The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University in December 2012.
  • Lasegue - Falret Syndrome - Folie Simultanee, V. Sushma,  Swetha Raghavan,  R. Sathianathan, Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research / 2455 – 0450, e - 2347-176X,  pISSN - 2455-2452, June 2017
  • Hydrocephalus Complicating Dementia, Dr. V. Sushma, Dr. Swetha Raghavan, Dr. R. Sathianathan, Journal Of Medical Science And Clinical Research/2455-0450, e - 2347-176X,  pISSN - 2455-2452, September 2017
  • Socio-Demographic, Clinical Profile, Life Stress Events and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Patients with First Attempt Suicide” in Journal of psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, May 2020
  • Antenatal Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in a Tertiary Hospital in South India” in Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, August 2020
  • Dhat Syndrome—Revisiting the Phenomenology and Related Psychiatric Comorbidities, Journal of Psychosexual Health , 1-5,Feb 2021


Other Consultants in Psychiatry


Direct: 044-45928578 (8am-4pm)
Board: 044-45928500

Ext.no.426 / 448

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