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Geriatric Care Clinic (GCC)

Services Provided

The following activities will be undertaken in the Geriatric Care Clinic (GCC).

  • Comprehensive global assessment of physical and psychological health of the elderly and individualised treatment.
  • Specialized assessment for memory problems/dementia and other neuro-psychiatric disorders and evidence based management.
  • Provide support for resolution of psycho-social issues such as social isolation, post retirement blues, bereavement, Depression, etc.
  • Screening for cognitive disorders as part of Master health check-up.
  • Psycho-education, Counselling, and Brief Psychotherapies for specific conditions.
  • Guidance related to Legal issues/Assessing Capacity.
  • Functional and Capacity assessment and assessment of ability to live independently.
  • Caregiver support and guidance.
Services Provided
Services Provided
Services Provided