Clinic Services

The department is ISO 9001:2008 certified which emphasis the quality and standards of our work. Our Operating Room complex is first in the state to be certified Green OT which signifies the safe and environment-friendly Anaesthesia practice.

RACE: Annual Departmental CME

  • Recognised by the ISA as an outstanding educational programme of the country and awarded the best CME award in 2010
  • 2015 was the 16th  year of RACE
  • 800 registrants; highest number in the country for any CME programme

RAALS: Ramachandra Advanced Airway Life Support
Only DAS (Difficult Airway Society, UK) certified airway course in India in association with AIDAA (All India Difficult Airway Association)


  • The Anaesthesiology Residency at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre is designed to create an unparalleled educational experience with training imparted by expert consultants in anaesthesiology. Our alumni are well placed in academic and private anaesthesia practice nationally and internationally.
  • The Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre continues this proud tradition of academic and clinical excellence. Over the years, the department has had the opportunity to play a key role in numerous medical advances that have had a profound impact on modern medicine. From the development of congenital heart disease surgery to the original observations on the techniques for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, individuals in this department have been active participants and contributors.

Broad area of work of Critical care

  • Adult Critical Care
  • Multi organ support including ECMO
  • Obstetric Critical Care
  • Neuro Endovascular Critical Care
  • Perioperative Care