Clinical Services

Critically Ill Patient Care
Our ER is well-equipped to deal with all kinds of emergencies round the clock. We from General Medicine Department see the patient in causality. Decide on ICU or ward admission and follow-up these patients till they are discharged.
Ambulatory Services
Our ambulatory services are manned by senior consultants and consultants.
Inpatient Services
Ward: We have different ward categories to suit the needs of the patients.
Intensive Medical Care Unit: We have a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit.

Preventive Health
Infectious disease

  •      Acute and chronic infection
  •      Special focus on HIV and tuberculosis

Metabolic disorders

  •      Diabetes mellitus
  •      Hypertension
  •      Dyslipidemia


  •      Endocrine disorders
  •      Osteoporosis

Respiratory Disorders

  •      Acute and chronic infections
  •      Occupational lung disease
  •      Chronic obstructive airway disease

Cardiovascular disorders

  •      Rheumatic heart disease
  •      Coronary heart disease

Gastrointestinal Disorder

  •      Acid peptic disease
  •      Acute and chronic infection of the git
  •      Acute and chronic liver disease

Nutritional Disorders

  •      Anemia
  •      Vitamin and trace element deficiency diseases

Women’s Health
Adult Vaccination
Master Health Check-Up
More than 18 years of age including geriatric population
Patients with various medical disorders
Pregnant women with medical diseases
Adults needing immunization
Terminally ill patients