Clinic Timing


Outpatient Hours: 8 a.m to 4 p.m. On all days except Sundays & Public Holidays.
Name of the Clinic: Sri Ramaswamy Udayar Block. B2 (second floor, B-block)
Contact Numbers: 044 - 45928500 Ext. 312, 314

Specialty Treatment:

Orbit clinic : Tuesday (10am to 4 pm /Thursday 10am to 2pm)
Cornea clinic : Tuesday (8 am to 12 pm)
Retina clinic & ROP evaluation : Monday (10am to 8 pm) & Friday, Saturday (8am to 12pm)
Glaucoma clinic : Tuesday (12pm to 4 pm)
Uvea clinic : Wednesday (10am to 2pm) Thursday (2pm to 8 pm)
Oculoplasty clinic : Friday (10am to 8 pm)
Pediatric squint clinic : Thursday (12pm to 4 pm)
Contact lens clinic: Tuesday (8 am to 12pm)
ROP clinic : (Mon to Sat 8am to 12pm) 
Cataract and Refractive Surgeries : (Mon to Sat 8am to 4pm