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Cashless Insurance
Direct Number : 044-24765629
044-24761541 (8.00am to 7.00pm)
Contact : 044-45928500}
044-24768403} Ext:8499/410/3499
Emergency :
044-40012345 & 044-24768402

Cashless Insurance

Cashless Process

Patient has to get the pre-authorisation form from the Insurance Helpdesk or from private clinic areas. In case of admissions through Casualty Counters, the insurance helpdesk is to be approached within close of office Hours on the Subsequent day and formalities to be completed.

The Pre-authorisation form has to be duly filled in by the patients and the treating doctor and handed over to the Insurance helpdesk. The pre-authorisation form has to be accompanied by the TPA ID card / Policy copy of the patient, Photo ID proof (PAN CARD, DL, Ration card, Aadhaar card), supportive investigation reports & outpatient consultation papers. In case of RTA / accident, patient has to provide the following:

  • FIR / MLC / AR to be provided.
  • Narration of accident - when, where & how, should be clearly provided through a letter.
  • Consumption of Alcohol / Drugs – a letter from the FIRST TREATING DOCTOR, certifying whether the patient was under the influence of Drugs / Alcohol at the time of accident is to be provided. If SRMC is not the first treating hospital visited by Patient, please produce a letter from first treating doctor.

Insurance Companies/TPAs may take upto 24 hours for Approval on weekdays and this can extend upto 2/3 days if any queries are raised by the TPA/ Insurance Co. However, by constantly following up with the Insurer, we have a turnaround time of less than 3-6 hours for almost 85% of the cases any day.

UNTIL RECEIPT OF THE APPROVAL FROM THE TPA, THE PATIENT WILL BE TREATED AS CASH PATIENT AND LIABLE TO PAY INITIAL DEPOSIT AND OTHER DEPOSITS. (The same can be adjusted and refunded at the time of discharge). After receipt of approval, credit shall be extended and the same will be reviewed and Interim requests for enhancement may be sought from TPA or the patient may be asked to make payments.