Clinical Focus

State-Of-The-Art Neurophysiology Laboratory 

  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response
  • Visual Evoked Potentials
  • Somato Sensory Evoked Potentials
  • ElectroMyoGraphy (EMG)
  • ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG)
  • Video Electroencephalography
  • Polysomnography
  • Autonomic Function Tests


  • Stroke Center
  • Epilepsy Clinic
  • Headache Clinic
  • Neuro - Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Clinic
  • Sleep Disorders Program
  • Vertigo Clinic
  • Peadiatric Neurology 

First Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson's disease in a medical college in TamilNadu was done in Jan - 2012 and the second DBS was done in 2014.
The department is an active proponent of thrombolysis for acute stroke care, it is one of the few centres in TamilNadu.
Botulinum toxin injections for dystonias and spasticity is one of the centres with the highest number.