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Sentence of the Day

ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

Clinical focus
  • The Department functions as two units, with each unit taking care of the out patient services and operative procedures as per the fixed schedule. Patients are seen on all days in the out patient block of the hospital. 24 hrs Emergency care is provided by the faculty on all days, including holidays.
  • Keeping in pace with the advances made in the field of otorhinolaryngology , the operating room is very well equipped with advanced state of the art instruments like Zeiss Sensera microscope, 3 chip camera with high definition monitors, endoscopes and  microdebrider facilities.
  • All ENT, Head and neck surgeries, Functional endoscopic sinus surgeries, Skull base surgeries and laryngotracheal reconstructive surgeries are performed by an experienced team of specialists. Surgeries are carried out in the state of art theatre complex. Such advanced surgical work is also made possible by the support services like high resolution Multislice CT scanners, MRI scanners & Angioimaging and Embolisation techniques.
  • The Department caters to the health needs of people from all strata of the society