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Academics - Teaching Programmes

Undergraduate and Post graduate courses taught include
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ICMR Scheme for Integrated MD-PhD programme
Integrated MD-Ph.D. Full time program is evolved with minimum period of five years duration and maximum period of six years. The first three years curriculum would be the same as that of MD curriculum approved by MCI. In this sandwich Ph.D. program, the scholar will take the Part–I Research Methodology examination at the end of the second year of the postgraduate course. They will indicate the broad field of research during the second year of the postgraduate course and the Dissertation for the MD postgraduate examination may form a part of their Ph.D thesis to be submitted later.

Fellowship programme in “Clinical chemistry and Molecular biology”.
Currently, Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are at the epicenter of laboratory medicine. The department of Biochemistry offers six month non-stipendiary Fellowship programme in “Clinical chemistry and Molecular biology”. This programme provides in-depth training in all aspects of clinical biochemistry and Molecular biology.

PhD Programme
Faculty members in the department are recognized by the University to supervise PhD students. Students can enroll for full-time or part time research work through Chancellor research fellowship offered by the Institution.